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Keel Lifting Hardware Maintenance Kit, C-2296->

Keel Lifting Hardware Maintenance Kit, C-2296->

Part #: D2267

Price: $103.45

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This kit includes everything you need to perform the routine service of your keel lifting hardware. This kit is intended for use on third (Catalina 22 MkII) and fourth (Catalina 22 Sport) generation boats, 1996 and later. For first and second generation boats, see the related items listed below.

The kit includes:

  • A new Keel cable fabricated from type 316 stainless steel cable and a type 316 Stainless steel fork
  • A keel cable to keel eyebolt clevis pin also made of type 316 stainless
  • A replacement keel cable hose
  • Two high quality Swedish hose clamps with a smooth inside surface for tighter clamping
  • A new keel turning ball with a Delrin bushing to keep it turning smoothly
  • A smooth hardwall hose measuring 15" in length
  • A type 316 stainless steel keel turning ball pin


    Note that we use all type 316 stainless steel as it is much more corrosion resistant than the type 304 stainless steel that Catalina Yachts used originally.

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How the System Works

Why doesn't the winch ratchet on the way down?

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