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Furling Sock for C-27 Tall Rig - Navy Blue
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Part #: H1807

Price: $244.95

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Our furling heads'l sock protects your sail from the sun.

The navy blue leech cover on many heads'ls is 9.25 ounce Sunbrella. This heavy cover sewn over the leech of a four ounce sail degrades the sail's shape quickly. As the sail stretches sail shape changes. Since the two layers at the leech are much heavier, it doesn't stretch with the rest of the sail. Soon the sail has a hard leech with a big hook in it. Now, whenever you get a puff, the boat heals instead of moving forward.

But, even with UV resistant cloth the sun will deteriorate the sail. The thread, for example, is not UV resistant in many sails. This is why we like a sock. It's easy to use, protects the sail completely, and doesn't degrade sail shape.

The sock is very easy to install. Simply hold the zipper pull as you hoist the sock. Note the first zipper stops where the jib sheets need to exit. A second zipper starts at the bottom of the sail and zips up to the sheets.

  • Circumference: 16"
  • Hoist: 34'