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Anchor Light Bracket, C-250 Selden Rig

Part #: Z5394
Anchor light bracket used on Catalina 250 Selden Rigs with a 12 degree angle to provide a horizontal mount. The bracket uses two of the three mount holes Aqua Signal's Navigation Light provides. The bracket covers the original wiring hole in the bottom of the light, so a hole is drilled through the plastic to accommodate a new wiring path.

The mounting hole spacing is a direct match for the later used Hella anchor light.
• Black plastic bracket
• Two pop rivets
The anchor light fixtures in the photos are not included. See part Z2004 and Z3366 for the fixtures if needed.
• Height: 1-3/8"
• Width: 3-1/4"
• Mounting holes (to Masthead): 63mm (~2-1/2") center to center
• Mounting holes (for Anchor Light): 32mm (~1-1/4") center to center

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