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Shower Door Dog Assembly, C-380 & C-42

Shower Door Dog Assembly, C-380 & C-42

The shower doors Catalina used on the Catalina 380 and Catalina 42 forward shower were custom made by Bomar.

Custom Shower Doors

These shower doors were produced in batches, ten at a time. The associated hardware was also custom made by modifying parts from other production Bomar hatches. The custom modified parts are no longer available but can be created, as Bomar did, by modifying the production hatch parts which are still available. 

Modified Hatch Dogs

As you can see at the left, they closely resemble hatch dogs Bomar used during the same production period. That's because they are the same. You must modifiy in a similar fashion as Bomar did originally.

The exterior dog must be modified 

Modify the dog on the outside of the door

Start with our part #Z2157, the "left" hatch dog

The small tab that would normally engage the flange of a deck hatch must be removed so it doesn't interfere with the door frame in this application.

Side view showing both modified dogs. 

Modify the dog on the inside of the door

Two modifications are required to our #Z2158 a "right" dog

The cylinder where the handle attaches to the door is too long. It must be trimmed in length so the handle and tab which engages the frame is closer to the door. There are no records as to how much must be trimmed off. We suspect it was done individually, matched to fit, one-at-a-time by the installer. The shorter you make the hub, the tighter the dog willl squeeze the door closed. Don't make it so tight that the pressure breaks something.

Second, the 90 degree tip or tab of handle (the end farthest from the pivot point) must be trimmed to avoid interference with the door. We have noticed different boats have had various amounts trimmed off. The exact remaining length isn't critical as long as it doesn't interfere with other parts of the door. 

One of these assemblies comes with each dog

A Square Shaft Connects the Two Dogs

If your shaft is damaged, follow the instructions below

An adjuster arm bracket and mushroom cap come with each dog. Discard the adjuster arm brackets. Cut the square shaft off the mushroom cap immediately below the cap. Use this square shaft to replace your old shaft. Trim to length as required.  

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