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Catalina Direct Offshore Headsails for Catalina Yachts

Catalina Direct Offshore Headsails for Catalina Yachts




Heads'l Features

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 Clew Head Tack

Draft Stripe

Furling Cover   Foam Luff


For prompt delivery, sails for the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25 are carried in stock at our sail loft in California.
Since larger boats may see use for anything from a sheltered inland lake to a circumnavigation, sails for boats larger than 36 feet are individually custom made for your particular circumstances. Sail shape, cloth weight, and other particulars may be altered for you, usually at no additional charge.
Note: Individual features may change over time. We provide these photos as examples of the quality of sails we provide. With over 11,000 part numbers that we track, please don’t expect every detail in every photo to match your new sail exactly.
Features and Pricing



CP-16.5 Hank on Jib by Ullman
CP-18 110% Hank on by Ullman