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Clip for Securing Pop Top Dog Knobs

Part #: Z1934
These clips have many uses aboard. They will secure anything with a 3/4" diameter. A couple of uses we can think of:

Sold each.

• Mount on the underside of the pop top on a Catalina 22 or Catalina 25, or on any fiberglass hatch secured with traditional hatch dogs. Hinge the dogs up and into the clips when the hatch is open. Now the hatch can be lowered from outside the boat without the dogs being constantly in the way. Without these clips in place, the dogs dangle down and interfere with closing the hatch or pop top.
• Use them to mount the 3/4" diameter bilge pump handle of a Whale Gusher 10, Gusher 25, or Titan bilge pump. Clip the handle to a bulkhead, inside a hatch, near the pump where it will be readily available in an emergency.

Due to the diameter of the knob, it will be necessary to shim the clip mounted at the knob end of the handle away from the mounting surface to provide clearance for the knob. Use a piece of teak, or better yet, a piece of plastic for a shim between the mounting surface and the clip.

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