Our Catalina Direct Clubhouse provides a forum where Catalina owners can exchange information about their boats. Discussions are continuous and interesting. Ask for advice, answer questions posed by other Catalina owners or just listen in. There are currently more than 550 active sailors participating in this forum. There is no charge for participation. It is a free service provided by Catalina Direct.

The first time you visit the Catalina Direct Clubhouse click Sign Up. Enter your e-mail address, name, and city/state (so everyone in The Clubhouse knows where you are writing from), then choose an hourly or daily digest as desired. Click on a box to select it, click again to deselect. If you are going on vacation, just deselect both until your return.

On subsequent visits, just login with your e-mail and password to:

  • Create new discussions within your chosen topic
  • Post messages to any existing discussion
  • Edit your digest selection
  • Edit your password

By requiring a login in order to post a message, we avoid random spam infiltrating the list. Note: you can read messages without logging in, but the "Join the Conversation" link will not be available, therefore you will not be able to post a message without logging in. Cookies must be enabled in order for your computer to know you are logged in. If cookies are disabled it will appear as though you are not in the system.

Digests provide e-mail notification each time a message is posted to the Catalina Direct Clubhouse. The e-mail indicates what topic the message was posted to. Click on the accompanying hyperlink to be taken directly to the latest message posted to the topic. The system automatically loggs you in so you can read and reply to the new message immediately.

Don't confuse the login hyperlink text in the forum with the blue login button for the store. At the moment they are two different unrelated databases. Use the logon hyperlink text for the Clubhouse.

Welcome to the Catalina Direct Clubhouse!

The fine print: Catalina Direct may on occasion send you an e-mail informing you of one of our new products or a special price. These products will always be related to your Catalina. We may also inform you of a Catalina related event such as a national regatta or Catalina Yachts Rendezvous that we think may interest you. Please trust that our interests, like yours, are in sailing Catalinas. We have no interest in selling your name or address, and frankly do not have the time to inundate you with e-mail ourselves.