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Author Home Made Furler
Mike Mansker
Sisters, OR

Boat Name: pending

Model/Year: C22

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Odell Lake, Oregon
01/24/2009 12:57 PM Pacific Time

Anyone have experience with home made furlers on a C22? I've seen a couple of posts on the web showing pvc furlers for smaller boats.

I'd like to give it a try with my existing sails (110 an 150% headsails). I envision being able to remove the hanking clips, lashing the existing grommets to a pvc sleeve with line or heavy zip ties closely trimmed and covered with rigging tape.

I can also see rigging the sales for flexible furling by reinforcing the lead edge of the sails with sewn on tape or spectra threaded inside the sleeve that holds the luff rope to fashion a leading edge that can take the extra strain. Then I could attach a swivel to the head and a drum and swivel to the tack corner grommet. That would necessitate adding an attachement point to the deck at the bow just aft of the stay attachment point. The furled sail would be hoisted by the halyard (lead through a halyard restrainer). I sort of prefer this approach if it will work, as it would allow me to drop the furled sail on the deck, coil the whole thing up and stow it in the sail bag eliminating the need for a sail cover. It would also greatly simplify trailering.

Thoughts? Experience? Fly's in my ointment? Thanks in advance.
greg klein
hotsprings, arkansas

Boat Name: elena

Model/Year: 1977 c27

Hull No. 3477

Hailing Port: brady mountain marina,lake ouacita
02/08/2009 7:24 PM Pacific Time

mike, i havent made a furler for my c22 but i have made them before out of pvc. we made one for a venture 22 hat worked pretty well and a couple for other boats. i used 3/4"pvc and a cap on each end with a hole drilled for the forestay. i used 2 flat pvc drain covers for the furling unit glued with a coupler to space them. drilled a hole for the line and ran the blocks. the only trick we had was lining up the block so the line was centered to roll propely. i cut off the hanks an luff edge and folded it over to form a sleeve and drilled a small hole at each end to tie the sail to afterputting agrommetat each end of the sail. my c22 has a cdi furler but my friends has this ony and his works just as good as mine that cost me $300.00. his cost about 20 to 30 if i remember right. theidea came from an old chrysler buccaneer furling system. good luck
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