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Author Beaching a swing-keel C22 - is it safe?
John Wheeler
Sydney, New South Wales

Boat Name: Serene 2

Model/Year: Boomaroo 22 (C22 Mk I) 1976

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Sydney
02/06/2009 2:56 PM Pacific Time

I keep my swing-keel C22 on a swinging mooring all year round and would like do to a mid-season clean of the hull before doing a proper anti-foul.

I can't use my trailer at the moment, so I was thinking of anchoring close to a beach and letting the boat dry out on the beach (with the keel up obviously!)

Is this a safe thing to do and are there any issues I should be aware of?

1. could the swing keel be damaged by resting on the beach?
2. Will the boat float off when the tide rises or can it get stuck?
3. how stable will the boat be resting on the keel? Do I need some supports to keep the boat upright?

I was thinking of dropping the anchor to seaward to prevent the boat getting pushed up the beach by waves (and possibly being unable to get it off later!).

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks for your help!

John Wheeler
Serene II
Sydney, Australia
Carrboro, NC

Boat Name: Kosher Cannoli, Northern Light

Model/Year: C22 Swing 1988, C34 Wing 2003

Hull No. 14447, 1632

Hailing Port: Kerr Lake, NC
12/09/2009 9:57 PM Pacific Time

Don't really have any answers for you...but I'm curious how things worked out.
Craig Burlette
St Louis MO

Boat Name: Toujours ete'

Model/Year: C22 / 1974

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Lake Saint Louis MO
12/10/2009 6:19 PM Pacific Time

I don't think it would be a good idea to intentionally beach a C22. Most of the keel is outside of the hull and there would be very little support for it other than the keel hanger. The hanger and pin are quite sturdy, but the 4 bolts that attach the keel to the hull are quite small. Any wave action, while most of the weight is on the keel, would undoubtedly do substantial damage to the hull/keel joint
Kim Mohanty
Setauket, NY

Boat Name: Take Five

Model/Year: C22/1972

Hull No. 1143

Hailing Port: Setauket Harbor, New York
12/11/2009 4:59 PM Pacific Time


I've had two C22 swings and have done minor work on the keel system. Routinely change the 4 5-16 bolts, replaced one winch, cable and eyebolt. I agree with the previous comment that the 4 bolts may be a weak link? Also, depending on age and play within the keel pin and its bushings, there maybe extra motion from the wave that make this play worst? Over all, the keel is about 550 lbs, leaving about 1600 + pounds depending on contents resting on the pin and the bolts. The other problem is that the keel trunk doesn't really capture the keel that much so it might be possible that the aft part of the keel where the cable attaches could come out of the trunk and really torque the bolts. A good wave could rip it all off? Having said all that, I think there was someone in our harbor, very protected, that did just what you are proposing? However, I'd err on the side of caution and not do it? Leave it to a fixed keel? Good luck what you decide. Cheers and good sailing.
Austin Cooley
Honeoye Falls, NY

Boat Name: Wings of the Morning

Model/Year: Catalina 22, 1983

Hull No. 11602

Hailing Port: Keuka Lake, Branchport, NY
12/12/2009 6:02 PM Pacific Time

I've never tried to bach my C-22. However I've cleaned the bottom and checked the keel bolts using a scuba mask and fins. Give it a try.
Lynn Buchanan
Nevada City, CA

Boat Name: SAILYNN

Model/Year: SWING 1984

Hull No. 11994

12/13/2009 9:28 PM Pacific Time

Hiring a diver who cleans boat bottoms to clean the bottom should be considered if you can not dive on it yourself. I have my boat on a mooring in fresh water and at the end of sailing season Sept. 15, water temps. in the 70 degree range, I jump in with fins and mask and my 3M "Doodlebug" and can do the job in less than an hour. If you are wondering what a "Doodlebug" is let me explain. It's a 360 degree articulating scrubing stick. The head has a gripper that the 3M scrub pads, which come in 3 abrasive types: mild, medium, coarse attach to. You can google 3M Doodlebug for costs. It is something used by janitors and sometimes you can find it at large janitorial supply stores, or just order it online like it did. Of course that doesn't solve your problem of getting to the bottom to paint it. I've beached my C22 in Lake Tahoe, NV on sand but never on a tidal body of water. When it was beached, just the first third was on the sand. I agree with the others, to beach it with a lot of weight on the keel could be costly if something breaks. I've seen pictures of fixed keel boats careened (laying on their side) resting on tires for cleaning and painting on the beach. One side gets done, then switched to the other side after the incoming tide, then switched back to do the painting. This seems very labor intensive but maybe a alternative to beaching it on it's keel. If you can find a marina, most of them have a hoist and pressure washing. The boat can then be set on boat stands for the painting. Good Luck!
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