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Author Help Please! I think I just got ripped off!
Monica A Rodriguez
Portland, Oregon

Boat Name: Mar y Sol

Model/Year: 1977

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Portland
07/07/2009 7:18 PM Pacific Time

I bought what I thought was a sound 1977 22' Catalina
I am a novice but this guy swore the boat was in good condition.
I went over it on a trailer, never saw it on the water.
He seems like a legitimate guy.
I was cleaning it today and took off the back teak plate next to the keel and saw
the wood was completely degenerated on the galley side.
Also the fiberglass was pulled away from the wall and as I reached my hand between I got a handful of wood chips.
I suspect the boat has water damage. I paid $2800 for boat and rustish trailer.
Did I just blow all my $$$ on a bad beat?

Boat Name:


Hull No.

Hailing Port:
07/08/2009 7:45 AM Pacific Time

Hi Monica, Not sure what you are describing. Where was the "teak Plate" you took off, port, starboard, step, etc? There are some gaps between the liner and the hull, but I am not sure where wood chips would come from.

South Daytona, Florida

Boat Name: (Working On A Name)

Model/Year: C-22, 1974

Hull No. 2679

Hailing Port: South Daytona, Florida
07/08/2009 8:16 AM Pacific Time

Hi Monica, is it possible for you to post some pictures? The Catalina 22 is a well supported boat, and often what seems like a big problem is really a simply fix.
Robert Donehoo
Duluth Ga

Boat Name: Shady Deal

Model/Year: Catalina 22 1979

Hull No. 8940

Hailing Port: Lake Lanier Ga
07/08/2009 8:36 AM Pacific Time

Hi Monica. Don't panic. There are several things that need maintanence on a 32 year old boat. I have 3 C22s 77,79,85 and am in the process of refurbing them all. Step 1. go to and join. Order the maintanence CD. It will show you what to look for, what to get and how to fix it. 2.The local fleet has members that will help you. Contact Dale Mack [email protected] Join the Fleet. They do cruises and racing. Doing projects lets you get to know your boat and the C22 is the best boat for it. As far as the trailer the CD has sections on tires, bearings, bunks, etc. Again don't panic. ALL boats are on going projects. Beware! once you make new C22 friends all they want to do is help and have fun (and talk about their C22). Use this forum for help on any C22 subject. Someone has the answer.
Greenville, SC

Boat Name: Kemo Sabe

Model/Year: C-22 , 1973

Hull No. 2229

Hailing Port:
07/08/2009 2:36 PM Pacific Time

If you are talking about the main cabin step coming into the boat, they do get wet and over a period of time, the compressed woods decompose. This is a natral occurrence, and something we all hve to deal with. No big problem, nor a structural thing. YOu can buy one (catalina direct), or have someone make you another.

If it's the bulkheadboard between the v berth and main cabin to which the standing rigging is attached, it's larger, but not impossible replacement. But, I am unsure just which it is, although it sounds like the step coming into the main cabin.

Check for a Catalina 22 Fleet out there, or some active sailors. They can help.

Lynn Buchanan
Nevada City, CA

Boat Name: SAILYNN

Model/Year: SWING 1984

Hull No. 11994

07/11/2009 7:45 PM Pacific Time

It sounds like you are talking about the cosmetic piece of pressed wood (made with wood chips and glue) that covers the site of the keel cable as you step out of the inside of the boat. The inside fiberglass is sort of rough in that area and there are voids because of the "double lined hull" and it would not be unusual for the wood chips to come apart after getting wet over a period of 30 plus years and sticking to the fiberglass behind it. This piece of wood is not structural and is there for cosmetics. It can be replaced if you want to. When you unwind the winch handle all the way, the handle will come off. If the wood is still screwed on, remove the screws and pull the remaining wood off. Then put the winch handle back on and start cranking it till there is tension. The best way is stated as mentioned earlier, contact Dale Mack or join the Natl. C22 Assn. where you will have unlimited help, and can get a template for cutting a new piece of wood (don't use pressed wood). I'm in WA now teaching sailing but will be home in CA by the end of July and could send you a template if you can't get ahold of Dale. You can contact me at isailynn at yahoo dot com. Get out there and get sailing! P.S. Is this the boat that was for sale on Craigs List last month for the Seattle area? I was going to look at it with a sailing student, but it got sold?
Pat Noonan
Fairhope, Al

Boat Name: Blue Dog

Model/Year: ?

Hull No. ?

Hailing Port: Fairhope, Al
07/24/2009 3:28 AM Pacific Time

If it is the cover for the winch handle... simple fix
if it is the step...simple fix
if it is the wood spacer between outer hull and inner liner.. fixable
if it is the bulkhead... mod. diff. fix
Have not found anything on the C22 that is not repairable.
One of mine was holed and sunk so had extensive repairs needed.

BTW am redoing two C22 on my own, just me and the table saw...
Patricia [email protected]
Do join the discussion lists and the fleet as recommended. You will get more advice and help than imagined.
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