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Author Swing keel cable
Ron Brassord
Lighthouse Point Florida

Boat Name: Mallard

Model/Year: Catalina 22 1987]

Hull No. 13480

Hailing Port: Lighthouse Point Fl
10/18/2012 1:15 PM Pacific Time

We recently acquired a 1987 Cat 22 in beautifull condition with many upgrades. However I just learned the keel cable was last replaced about 10 years ago. The boat has been year round in brackish water and very lightly used. The keel raises and lowers fine. There is not much ability yo inspect the winch or cable. I have no trailer.
Since there is fresh bottom paint I will not need to haul[very expensive here] for several years
Question. Am I overdue for a failure? Should I leave the keel fixed at say 3/4 down being always in deep water? If it breaks can it be reattached in the water? Sail with keel full down always? Or, just sail normally and not worry?
Our sailing is in the Gulfstream, but due to being 80 somethings, limited to fair weather. Any advice appreciated. Ron B

Greg Guenther
Belleville, IL

Boat Name: Magnificat

Model/Year: 1970

Hull No. 473

Hailing Port: Belleville, IL
10/19/2012 4:59 AM Pacific Time

Hi Ron,

I wouldn't worry about the cable. The only reason you really need to raise or lower the keel is to trailer the boat. I have raised mine sometimes if I got stupid and ended up grounded but that is another story.

Have fun with your new boat.

Peter Snyder
Ringgold, GA

Boat Name: Windabout

Model/Year: 1978 sk Catalina 22

Hull No. 8329

Hailing Port: Lake Chickamauga, TN
10/19/2012 7:38 AM Pacific Time

Ron, you have a newer model C22 than I, but I think you can monitor the health of the cable the same way. Periodically take a strong flashlight and look behind the wood panel that covers the keel winch. Observe the cable as it is wound around, or unwound from, the winch. If you see frayed strands of cable (called "meathooks" by some), then you know you need to replace the cable. What could happen is that the frayed cable could catch on the rubber hose and pull it off the fiberglass "volcano" coming up from the bottom of the hull, which is below the waterline, and your boat would take on a lot of water very fast. You could also take off the wood panel and be better able to see the winch and cable. Note that there should be two stainless steel hose clamps holding the hose onto the volcano. A good upgrade is to put a short length of pvc pipe (sized accordingly) inside the upper end of the hose and held with another hose clamp. The pvc will help to insulate the rubber and cable from wearing friction. You could install that while the boat is in the water - just cut your short length of pvc, then cut a slot in it to pass it around the cable. Enjoy your boat!!!
Indianapolis, Indiana

Boat Name: Summer Zamboni

Model/Year: 1985?

Hull No. 13100

Hailing Port: Geist Marina, Indianapolis
10/19/2012 8:20 AM Pacific Time

One way to replace the cable without hauling the boat out of water is to have it replaced by someone with scuba equipment. I actually hired an off duty cop from the local police scuba rescue team to change mine a few years ago when the cable broke while the boat was in the water.
Linda Hoffecker
Lancaster, PA

Boat Name: t/c

Model/Year: '82 Cat 22

Hull No. t/c

Hailing Port: Havre de Grace, MD
10/19/2012 12:53 PM Pacific Time

Hi: This is a bit off topic so if someone can tell me where to look, I will do so. I don't have my Cat22 anymore :( but now have a Starwind 223 with a centerboard that pivots like the Catalina only it's less heavy and can be pulled up by a pennant. Problem:: I am in a slip where this is a ton of sea grass and somehow, my keel will not lower as it appears to be stuck up in the trunk.. I took a fiberglass rod and tapped it to see I could get the keel to drop.. The rod got stuck so I had to have a stronger than I person pull it out. Does anyone have any ideas how to get this keel down thru the weeds? w/out hauling out?? Also I was thinking that if I put the boat on the trailer, that the keel plus the weeds could jam so tightly in the trunk that it could crack it.. Any suggestions as to where to go for an answer?? I"ve tried 'searches' and have not come up with any answers.. There is no Starwind forum and most people have never heard of this kind of boat. Thank you~~~very much.
South Daytona, Florida

Boat Name: (Working On A Name)

Model/Year: C-22, 1974

Hull No. 2679

Hailing Port: South Daytona, Florida
10/19/2012 1:49 PM Pacific Time

Hi Linda, I have heard of the Starwind and it is similar to the Slipper 17 (just bigger) as they both have encapsulated keels and a centerboard. I had a Slipper 17 for a while and there is no way to get at the centerboard from inside. Only thing I can suggest is to use a substantial rod and try to center it on the centerboard and beat down on it (and not slip off). I just watched a YouTube video of a Starwind that had been for sale and it looks like they had installed a round access plate around the pendant tube (for obvious reasons). On YouTube I searched for "Starwind 223" and it was the second listing down - ""
Hope this helps some.
Linda Hoffecker
Lancaster, PA

Boat Name: t/c

Model/Year: '82 Cat 22

Hull No. t/c

Hailing Port: Havre de Grace, MD
10/19/2012 11:27 PM Pacific Time

Hello Peter! Thank you for your reply. That video is the Starwind that I now have. Another person had bought it and I bought it from her. I'd seen that video and felt that it was the one I had because everything was so familiar looking. More upgrades had been done to it but the furler was missing and motor not working due to bad storm taking them out... There is no plate covering the pendant hole, tho. I saw a little slotted rim around the hole but I believe it came that way. I was thinking that maybe if I put a putty knife in the slot and turned (good luck) maybe it would come off and show me more..That is the problem; slipping off the keel as I believe it's a ton of sea grass there to get thru. I was wondering if I put some grass rot stuff (is there such a thing?) in the hole, maybe the grass would deteriorate. I am in touch with the fellow who made that video and he had some grass hooked onto the pendant but said that after slowly lifting and lowering the keel, it broke free. Well, mine is jammed so..Thanks again for your reply. You know a lot bout boats to have heard of the Starwind. Not a lot of them were made. My fav is the Catalina. That is what I was looking for but this was as close as I could get for the budget I had and then, had to buy a motor and have a new mount put on (not very good job for $275.00!! Linda :) If you need to email, here is my home address: boatinbabe at comcast dot net.
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