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Michael Smalter
Webster, NY

Boat Name: Marrakesh

Model/Year: 1986

Hull No. 13645

Hailing Port: Rochester, NY
05/08/2004 1:08 PM Pacific Time

I bought some ratchet straps over the winter, and used them to tie the bow and stern to the trailer when I drove to the launch ramp this week. The trailer towed like a dream. No bouncing or swaying.

Previously I used a 1/2" line from the starboard bow cleat, around the trailer and back to the port bow cleat, but I don't think it was tight enough to prevent fore/aft rocking of the boat while trailering.

Unfortunately I also got new tires (6 ply radial trailer tires), so I don't know if the improvement is due to the straps or the tires.

Dick King
Melbourne, FL

Boat Name: Twilight Zone

Model/Year: Sport/2005

Hull No. 15546

Hailing Port: Melbourne, FL
05/09/2004 6:21 PM Pacific Time

Hi Mike - The tires were probably the greatest reason for the smoother tow. However the boat should not move about on the trailer either. I tie my bow down as follows: First I have a double 3/8 inch line which runs from one side of the second cross member from the front of the trailer up across the bow eye on the boat back to the same cross member of the trailer on the other side. This line serves two purposes. First it keeps the boat from moving forward on the trailer in the event ot a panic stop. Second, when winching the boat forward on loading, it tells me the boat is as far forward as it needs to go. I have double rollers on my bow support to allow the boat to lift as it is being winched onto the trailer. After the boat is on the flat, I tie a 3/8 inch line to one docking cleat and run it down under the tongue of the trailer and then up over the bow, just forward of the docking cleats. I wrap it around about twice more and then put half hitches in the parallel lines just below the bow support roller. This cinches the lines together and pull the boat down tight against the bow support. I tie the stern down with either a length of 3/8 inch line tied to each side of the trailer and winched tight using the primary sheet winches--or-- a two ich wide cargo strap which is hooked to the trailer and ratcheted tight. If a use the strap, I twist the strap a couple of times to prevent it from flapping in the 50MPH breeze going down the highway.
Dick Reynolds
Lebanon, Oregon

Boat Name: Catnip

Model/Year: Swing Keel / 1974

Hull No. 4570

Hailing Port: Newport, Oregon
05/10/2004 3:40 PM Pacific Time

That's a good idea of twisting the strap. I woulda never thought of that.
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