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Author Kick-up Rudder cheek fasteners
Gordon Sell
Flemington, NJ

Boat Name: none

Model/Year: Catalina 22/1977

Hull No. 7282

Hailing Port: Spruce Run Reservoir
06/01/2004 7:53 AM Pacific Time

Recently, I thought it might be a good idea to take my kick-up rudder apart to see if I could get it to work as advertised.

I started trying to loosen the lower forward bolt/screw on the sides of the cheek, and immediately the screw head sheared off. I'm planning to get an easy-out to try to remove the rest of the bolt.

Does anyone know what size these bolts are?

Should I fix this one and leave the rest alone?

I've had the boat out in over 20 knots winds and the rudder still holds up fine, but I don't want to tempt fate
paul osborne
Lima NY

Boat Name: Emy Lyn II

Model/Year: 1984

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Rochester
06/01/2004 8:29 AM Pacific Time

Hello, the bolts in the rudder are 1/4 20. SS in alum is a bad combo. More are going to smap off I am sure. All of mine did
and just drilled them out and tapped new ones. Coat the new ones with never seeze and ck for tightness a few times .
Dick King
Melbourne, FL

Boat Name: Twilight Zone

Model/Year: Sport/2005

Hull No. 15546

Hailing Port: Melbourne, FL
06/01/2004 8:37 AM Pacific Time

Gordon - I believe the screws are 1/4x20. Unfortunately, they are stainless and imbedded in the rudder housing's aluminum frame. Galvanic corrosion has long since welded them together. "If it ain/t broke, don't fix it." Do not try to remove the other screws as you will likely have the same problem.

I had a lower screw pop a head off and tried to drill it out. Even with a drill press I could not keep the drill true. It kept wandering off the stainless shaft of the screw. I finally just drilled another hole and put a nut and bolt through the frame.

Good luck with your repair.


Model/Year: 1990 C22

Hull No.

06/02/2004 7:16 AM Pacific Time

When buying a new kick up rudder head I remove all the screws and bolts and coat them with some kind of sealant such as silicone or life caulk so as to prevent the corrosion problem.
Charlie Gallagher
Lynn, Ma.

Boat Name: Kestrel

Model/Year: C22 1986

Hull No. 13174

Hailing Port: Marblehead, Ma.
08/12/2004 11:16 AM Pacific Time

I removed both side plates by drilling the heads off. I used the old plates as templates and had new ones made and powder coated white. I didn't ask my son where they came from but they're really nice. I smoothed out the aluminium frame and carefully lined the new plates on the fram, clamped them together and drilled thru all 3 pieces, careful not to hit the old screws. I put it back together with ss bolts and locknuts. In place of the down position detent, I drilled thru the plates and rudder with 3/8 drill, took it apart, redrilled the hole in the rudder to 1 inch, filled that hole with epoxy, sanded id down, reassembled the rudder and put a 3/8 hole thru the epoxy. I slip a piece of 3/8 wood dowel into this and it holds the rudder down and will shear if I hit something. Its strong enough to shed a lobster bouy if I snag one.
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