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Author Different Way of Attaching Cable to Keel?
Justin Collins
Tallahassee, Fl

Boat Name:

Model/Year: Cat 22 / 1979

Hull No. 9053

Hailing Port: Lanark Village
07/07/2004 1:15 PM Pacific Time

In trying to recover from my keel cable breaking (the story of how it happened and how I got it back up is here: ) I decided to replace the old cable with something a bit more reliable. After talking to one of the good folks here at CD, I found that my keel cable is attached in a different manner than other C-22's. I was told that most cables are attached to the keel via an eyelet that screws directly into the back of the keel. The cable is then swaged onto this eyelet. My cable was swaged directly to something like a shackle, without an eyelet so there is no ablity to pivot. A bolt then went through one side of the shackle through a hole in the keel and then out through the other side of the shackel where it was secured with a nut. It occurs to me now, that if this bolt/shackle assembly stopped pivoting on the keel, as the keel raised, the angle of the cable where it attaches to the shackle could have become tight enough to kink it causing the cable to fail. I will have to verify this when next I am at the boat.

Has anyone else seen or heard of the cable being attached in this way? Could it have been done this way on older boats and then changed on later models? Is there a fix provided there is no hole to screw an eyelet? Any other ideas as to what could have caused the cable to break?

In the mean time, as a short term fix, I plan to let a little more cable out and swage an eyelet around the shackle. Hopefully this will get me to the fall when I plan to do an overhaul on everything keel related.
SW Florida

Boat Name: YOLO

Model/Year: 1973

Hull No. 2421

Hailing Port: SW Florida
05/08/2007 2:42 PM Pacific Time

I think you have that wrong. The eyelet is screwed into the keel, sure.. But, then you have a SS fork that is swaged to the cable. This fork is then clevis pinned to the eyelet. Correct me if I'm wrong here?? Anyone? Thanks.
Jon Glendye
Somerset, MA 02725

Boat Name: DylIan

Model/Year: C-22 1969-1970 ?

Hull No. 302

Hailing Port: Fairhaven, MA
08/11/2009 7:30 AM Pacific Time

I just discovered, after ordering the keel-cable replacement kit, that my keel cable is also attached w/ a stainless steel shackle attached through a hole drilled through the side of the keel. My keel cable has not failed...So far...a miracle considering it hasn't been properly maintained in well over 6 years (gulp!)...Do I need to fill this hole a drill and tap for the 1/2 in. keel eye-bolt, or can I continue to attach this way???
Robert Donehoo
Duluth Ga

Boat Name: Shady Deal

Model/Year: Catalina 22 1979

Hull No. 8940

Hailing Port: Lake Lanier Ga
08/11/2009 1:30 PM Pacific Time

I have seen 2 boats with broken cables/winches. We managed to get both on the trailer at the end of the cruise but it sure was a pain for the captain to stay out of the shallows. They were both lucky not to have the keel full up when the cable broke or the keel could have broken the keel trunk and sunk the boat. After MY winch broke in half I replaced the winch and cable. While doing the replacement I discovered the cable yoke had twisted and broken in half with only one side holding the keel. Sorry for the rambling but the point is if in doubt go ahead and replace. I am going to upgrade to a !/2" eye bolt when I remove the keel to fair and paint.

Lynn Buchanan
Nevada City, CA

Boat Name: SAILYNN

Model/Year: SWING 1984

Hull No. 11994

08/12/2009 1:44 PM Pacific Time

Our cable is attached with a bolt through the eye. We trailer a lot and the keel rests on the trailer v. I guess the shimming during the trailering backed off the nut from the bolt and when we lauched at a concrete ramp the keel cleared the trailer, but when there was strain on the cable the keel free fell to the concrete on the ramp on Labor Day Weekend last year. Using the winches, a strap and bridle we got the keel back up and on the trailer (we've done this more than once on friends boats) and hauled out in 105 degree weather. Headed to town, got boat parts to make everything right and secure, and four hours later were underway. After trailering I have had the bulkhead nuts, and turnbuckle nuts back off and always check them, but never thought to check the keel cable! Now it's on the checklist even though my husband assures me it can't happen again.
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