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Rich Reisner
Fayston, VT

Boat Name: Meant 2 Be

Model/Year: C-22 1985

Hull No. 13049

Hailing Port: Charlotte, VT
07/13/2004 3:34 PM Pacific Time

I saw an ad for a C-22 for sale with a marine head. The current owner bought it that way and does not know how it got there. Has anyone seen and/or installed a marine head and holding tank on a C-22?

We do extensive cruising and the porta-potty gets filled often with pumpouts a bit of a problem.

Thanks for your help.

mark miller
deatsville al

Boat Name: blue heron

Model/Year: catalina 22 1977

Hull No. 7309

Hailing Port: lake jordan
07/29/2004 4:33 PM Pacific Time

Rich, I'm not sure where you cruise, but a head/holding tank seems to be overkill in a 22' boat. I would consider taking it out and replacing it with a portable head. I currently do mostly day sails and a 5 gallon bucket with a snap top toilet lid for the ladies and a gatorade bottle for the guys (both for cool weather sailing, otherwise just swim) fits the bill nicely. When we start cruising weekends/overnights we'll buy another Sanipotti. So far, we've had no need for "#2's" in the bucket......hope my luck holds out until I can buy that potapotti!
Tim Seifert

Boat Name: Mary's Joy


Hull No. 8281

Hailing Port: Holyrood, Newfoundland
06/23/2005 5:44 AM Pacific Time

Can you provide anymore information about the marine head? What brand/model? Where is it mounted? Where is the holding tank? Did you install one? I am thinking about installing a marine head instead of the portapotti.
Rich Reisner
Fayston, VT

Boat Name: Meant 2 Be

Model/Year: C-22 1985

Hull No. 13049

Hailing Port: Charlotte, VT
07/12/2005 7:52 AM Pacific Time


We thought about a conversion but instead we purchased a model #155 Thetford porta potti which holds 4.1 gal. of black water.(approx. $90 from Cabela's). If you currently have the model #135 (which holds 2.6 gal. of waste), you can use the same top portion for both "holding tanks". This gives you a total of 6.9 gal. of waste holding. Enough for most cruises. Model #155 is only 2 inches higher than the #135.

Warm water areas saves space!!

good luck.

Kevin Murphy
Carmichael, CA

Boat Name: Booyah!

Model/Year: 1973 Catalina 22

Hull No. #2526

Hailing Port: Carmichael, CA
07/13/2005 9:44 AM Pacific Time

When I bought my '73, it still had the original permanent head up forward under the boards that support the v-berth cushions with no holding tank and two thru-hulls. I gave some thought to keeping the head and adding a holding tank but as you know there is not a lot of space for that sort of thing on board a 22!

So I pulled out the permanent head, glassed over the thru hulls (who needs three holes in a boat?) and installed a Sealand Portable/Permanent Head with a 5.2 gallon holding tank. A portable/permanent head is the best of both worlds - you can cut a deck pump-out opening above the head and plumb the head to it permanently, thus you now have a permanent 5-gallon holding tank. Or you can keep it as a portable and remove the head's holding tank the old-fashioned way and begin the long walk down the dock. I believe, however, once you install it as a "permanent" head, you can't disconnect the holding tank to empty it manually - you always have to find a pump-out station.

On my '73 at least, the oversized 5.2 gallon just fits in the space adjacent to the v-berth and the board supports just fit over the top. It's not a perfect fit (the board over the head "teeters" a little bit) but with the cushions on you can't tell. With the larger 5.2 gallon, you also "ride" much higher, which I like, but make sure you don't hit your head on the ceiling liner!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to take careful measurements. While I went with the Sealand, the Thetford alternative is suppose to be just as good. Good luck!

Steven Keplinger
Severna Park MD 21146

Boat Name: Nifty

Model/Year: 1978

Hull No. CTYH7999M78B

Hailing Port: Round Bay
07/13/2005 10:57 AM Pacific Time

Mine (7999sk) is set up much the same. But I'm still hanging in with a portable. Let us know how you like it after a few days on the water...
Pat Noonan
Fairhope, Al

Boat Name: Blue Dog

Model/Year: ?

Hull No. ?

Hailing Port: Fairhope, Al
11/25/2008 4:14 AM Pacific Time

Pull out the head and sell it. Use a bucket. I wish I had that advise a couple of months ago. I hauled my Columbia 30 to repair a broken handel on the discharge seacock from the head. After that decided to grease and repair the intake seacock under the sink in the head. Rubber plug came apart in my hand so no choice but to replace it. Then decided to look at the other two seacocks in the gally/engine intake and found they also were in bad shape. (on the last 3 haul outs I've repeatedly asked the guys doing the bottom job to replace the seacocks and was told...oh no they are in good shape). Took the three seacocks out and replaced them ($130 + 30+ 10 + 20 x 3). Then decided that I would take out the first larger one and make sure it was in good shape. Found that the screws were rusted out in rotted wood and that the through hull fitting was plastic and about 1/8 inch of thread was holding the whole thing together. Whew!!!! So replaced that also (160 + 50+ 30 + 10). Pluse another week in the yard....
So throw out the head and use a bucket. Hindsight is $20 x $ 20.
Oh if you wonder what I'm doing here? I also have a couple (yep) of C22's that I'm redoing. Got them at a great price and have given one to my son. Using the 22 for club racing and the C30 cruising. Have had the 30 for almost 25 years and love the old girl. But sure do like the saucy new little thing....
Tampa, FL

Boat Name: Whispering Lady

Model/Year: C22 / 1979

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Tampa, FL
11/25/2008 7:28 AM Pacific Time

I wuold be interested in seeing pictures of a marine head installed on a C22. Can you plaese send me pictures at richardj1169 at yahoo dot com. My wife has been pushing me to install one for the kids. Perhaps a good winter project.
Traverse City, MI

Boat Name: Philadelphia

Model/Year: 1985 Catalina 27

Hull No. CTYL5386J485

Hailing Port: Traverse City
12/11/2011 2:25 PM Pacific Time

I've got an '85 Catalina 27 that always has "that smell" in the cabin. I replace the sanitation hoses two years ago and it helped but the odor remains. The odor is stronger up in the v-berth.

My question is it time to pull the holding tank and replace it? I see the new ones use a thicker plastic.

Looking for some advice...thanks.
South Daytona, Florida

Boat Name: (Working On A Name)

Model/Year: C-22, 1974

Hull No. 2679

Hailing Port: South Daytona, Florida
12/12/2011 8:42 AM Pacific Time

The best way I know of is to do the wipe test. Take a rag, slightly moisten, and wipe the holding tank and smell it. Do the same with another rag and wipe the hose and smell. Then you'll know what to replace. Are the fittings tight with double clamps - wipe these as well to see if the smell is stronger from seepage. Is it possible to replace any part of the hose with a section of rigid PVC? Hope this helps.
R. C. Luiken
Milford, DE

Boat Name: Ricochet

Model/Year: C-22 Swing Keel/1986

Hull No. 13560

Hailing Port: Milford, DE/St. Michaels, MD
12/13/2011 4:22 AM Pacific Time

Also check out the venting system for the tank. Many run through one of the tubes of the bow pulpit and exit through a small hole drilled in the upright portion. Spuge my be blocking the pipe or the hole at the top.
Traverse City, MI

Boat Name: Philadelphia

Model/Year: 1985 Catalina 27

Hull No. CTYL5386J485

Hailing Port: Traverse City
12/17/2011 8:17 AM Pacific Time

All good suggestions - thank you. Once the snow melts I'll give them a try.
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