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Author Upgrade to Full Battens
Dan Plank
Cullman, AL

Boat Name: Half Fast

Model/Year: C-22 / 1989

Hull No. 14855

Hailing Port: Guntersville, AL
01/07/2005 12:33 PM Pacific Time

I've just sent my Catalina 22 Main off to Sail Care for reconditioning. I'v requested a quote to upgrade to full battens. Has anyone ever done this? How did it go and how much did it cost? If you've done it, have you had any problems with it hitting the backstay?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Dan Plank
Catalina 22
Half Fast
Bayard Gross
Greenwich, CT

Boat Name: Baby Blue

Model/Year: 1981

Hull No. 9911

Hailing Port: Greenwich, CT
01/12/2005 6:28 PM Pacific Time


Main sails that have full battens originally, commonly have a larger roach. It is the increased size of this roach, as opposed to the battens themselves, that may interfer with the backstay.

By altering your sail for full battens, you probably will not obtain a fuller roach. I think such addition would need to be sewn onto the leach and I do not think that is performed normally.

Since Catalina Direct sells a 5.8 oz. loose footed full batten main for about $620, I feel your money is more wisely spent on getting this as a new sail then trying to"upgrade" an old sail with full battens.

Just my humble opinion.

Bayard Gross
Rich Fox

Boat Name: SeDepecher

Model/Year: 2006

Hull No. 15582

Hailing Port: Indianapolis, IN
01/13/2005 5:13 AM Pacific Time

I have used a full batten main sail for 2 years now. In light wind the backstay is always a problem when tacking. Some sailors keep a very loose backstay to address the problem.

I have noticed a very slight improvement in performance.

For the money may spend to have the main sail upgraded to full batten, you might want to save it and invest in a new sail that was designed, cut, and built specifcially with the full batten in mind.

I use a full batten main for racing and use my original main for cruising.


Artur Piotrowski
Burlington, Ct

Boat Name: Spirit

Model/Year: C22 1986

Hull No. 13485

Hailing Port: Bantam, Ct
01/13/2005 6:29 AM Pacific Time

Hello everybody.
I hope you'll not mind my question in this thread. I will be ordering a new main from CD and will have to decide which way to go, loose footed or rope, partial battens or full. In December, I talked to a CD salesperson and was told that now, they have 2+2 mains available. I understand that means 2 full and 2 partial battens. Would it be your first choice? Also, is loose footed really a plus?
Mark Dauphinais
Harvest, AL

Boat Name: SoJourner

Model/Year: 1988

Hull No. 14412

Hailing Port: Rogersville, AL
01/13/2005 8:46 AM Pacific Time

I bought the Full Batten - Loose Foot sail from CD and am very happy with it. The only area I have a problem with, is I have a fixed backstay and in a light air Jibe I have to assist the sail across. Performance is very good. The loose foot allows good sail shape in the total sail area. If you can get the 2 + 2 and the partials are the top 2 then that may help the backstay issue. Hope that helps.
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