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Author Keel Installation .. Help !!!
Keith Gattozzi
Dennis MA

Boat Name:

Model/Year: 1977 22 Catalina

Hull No.

Hailing Port: West Dennis MA
05/07/2005 3:10 PM Pacific Time

I just purchased a 1977 22 Catalina in NJ and left from MA with a roller trailer to pick it up . When they put the boat on the trailer the keel hit the bottom of the trailer and they couldn’t let the boat down . My only option was for them to remove the keel and hoist it in the back of the truck . I saw how they took it out but am not sure how to figure out the whole process. First I have to get the boat off the trailer on jacks. Then I have to stabilize this very heavy keel under the boat.. Now I need suggestions on how to get the keel raised and aligned .What type jack should I use? Do I need to make up a jig to hold it parallel to the boat? Do I need to center the pin that goes through the keel before I insert the brackets that hold it on? I have read trough some of the posts and saw that I should use long threaded rods to start the bolts and torque them to 20 ft/lbs. My next problem is that have to borrow another trailer that will fit once install the keel. I bought the boat so my kids could sail. This is my first sailboat and although I am excited I have not idea how to install the mast. I will ask the folks at the yacht club I belong to on Cape Cod to give me a hand. Any keel help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Keith Gattozzi
Artur Piotrowski
Burlington, Ct

Boat Name: Spirit

Model/Year: C22 1986

Hull No. 13485

Hailing Port: Bantam, Ct
05/08/2005 5:51 AM Pacific Time

I'm in Connecticut, Hartford county and currently have my C22 on the trailer in front of my house with mast stepped in. I plan on launching her during Memorial Day weekend and after that I can let you use my trailer for a couple of days of a week. Last year I removed the keel while my boat was on the trailer. I used just a regular car jack and a couple of lines. I had some problems putting it back in but nothing major. Let me know if I can help you. Thanks.

"Spirit" #13485
Keith Gattozzi
Dennis MA

Boat Name:

Model/Year: 1977 22 Catalina

Hull No.

Hailing Port: West Dennis MA
05/08/2005 6:35 AM Pacific Time

Arthur.. Thanks so much for the offer. I won't have the boat ready for the water until after Memorial Day so that would work out great. I will need some pointers from you on how to get the keel in between the trailer and the boat. Once I get the keel on I will drop it in the water and return your trailer. Email me your phone number and i will give you a call this week . My email is [email protected]

Have a Great Day !!!


Boat Name:


Hull No.

Hailing Port:
05/08/2005 6:27 PM Pacific Time

Lady & Gentelmen, My advice is go to your local tool rental shop, rent a HD truck transmision jack. most of these come with extencive brackets to fit a lot of different app;ications. The keel weight I belive is around 700 lbs., not a problem for these jacks. Raise the stern with a come-a-long from a tree or garage rafters with a towing strap under the hull. Leave the bow on the trailer, support stern with blocks or a 55 gal, barrel. Seems to me CD has a video on this project and a templet to shape the keel with.
Stan Hullett
1982 #11011
"Maybe"----sold now
Contessa 26, #228
Littleton CO
John Flato

Boat Name:

Model/Year: 1984

Hull No. 12030

Hailing Port: Shoreacres, TX
06/09/2005 11:18 AM Pacific Time

I recently installed a keel. Using a 2 ton floor jack, I raised the boat high enough to get two 2X4s under each bunk. That gave me enough room to get the old keel out and the new keel in. Also using 2X4s I constructed an extra long 4 wheel dolly (similar to what you use to move furniture) and two 18 inch high stands I made out of 2X4s and deck screws.. 24 inch stand might have been better. I used a motor hoist to put the keel flat on the dolly. I rolled it under the front of the boat and used the motor hoist to turn it vertical. I used the two stands, held by C-clamps to the dolly, to hold it vertical. I then used the two 2 ton floor jacks to raise it up. I also had a number of peices 1X4, 2X4 and 4X4 for shims. Once it was high enough to clear the frame, I moved it in to position. This required shimming on one side of the axle and moving one of the jacks to the other. Then I raised it into position. While the process is fairly straighforward, it took hours to do, as each step went very slowly. A level concrete surface is imporant. You can get a 2 ton floor jack at Walmart for $19. I got the motor hoist from Pep Boys for $100.

Be careful, the keel weighs 550 lbs and your don't want it falling on you. This is what I did, but I was extra careful. If you have any doubts, pay someone else to do it.
Al Gearing
Burleson, Texas

Boat Name: Torch of Freedom

Model/Year: C-22/'76

Hull No. 6448

Hailing Port: Arlington YC
06/10/2005 7:52 PM Pacific Time

Sounds like a very innovative way to go. It amounts to doing what ever is neccessay to get the job done. With some fore thought and planning. Great!
Al Ge
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