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Author Keel bolt torque settings???
Noah Oden
Dana Point, CA

Boat Name: Noah's Ark

Model/Year: 1976 C22

Hull No. 6588

Hailing Port: Dana Point, CA
01/17/2004 10:29 AM Pacific Time

I am in the process of getting a new keel installed on my C22. I have all the hardware from Catalina Direct. There were no instructions with the keel hanger casting kit though. I know from this forum that it is very important to torque the keel hanger bolts at (guessing) 10 to 20 lbs. per foot. My question what is the torque setting for these bolts.

Also, there were two chemicals with the hanger kit. One is Loc-Tite which I can read the instructions on the bottle. The other is a Primer, which I'm not sure what to use for. I called the tech line, but was unable to get through.

Thanks in advance.

Dick King
Melbourne, FL

Boat Name: Twilight Zone

Model/Year: Sport/2005

Hull No. 15546

Hailing Port: Melbourne, FL
01/17/2004 12:41 PM Pacific Time

Here is a chart of max torque values. The values are in Inch Lbs. The value for 5/16 SS is 138-147 depending on the bolt thread count. That equals 11.5 -12.25 ft lbs. I have seen recommendations of up to 20 ft lbs. Be sure to use the locktite on the threads. On my boat, I filled the space around the bolt heads with epoxy.

The other thing you need to know is that the hangers are purposely too wide. You need to measure the width of your keel at the hole. I recommend you use delrin washers on each side of the keel to prevent the hangers from grinding on the sides of the keel. This adds another 1/4 inch total. Next install the hangers and measure the distance between the inside faces of the hangers. If necessary, machine off half the difference from each hanger.
Bob Endicott
Fleet 77- Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Boat Name: Tequila Sunset

Model/Year: 1985

Hull No. 12759

Hailing Port: Ft. Walton Beach, FL
01/18/2004 9:13 AM Pacific Time

Great idea, Russell !

I would submit that perhaps .032" might do as well as the .041" on a 5/16-18.

To carry the idea a step further, one could use a Dremel tool to machine a 3/32" or so groove across the face of the hanging blocks from about 4 o'clock on the "top" one (however viewed) to 10: o'clock on the bottom one to
A) Keep the wire from being above flush (the racers hate things that could cause drag, even in theory) and
B) Serve as a reminder of the direction in which the bolts should be secured.

For those unaquainted with the details of the procedure Russell is recommending, a simple description may be found at:

So far, the torque, lock washers and liberal application of bottom paint have proven to be adequate on Tequila Sunset. BUT, I helped a fellow Fleet 77 member pull his boat a while back and we discovered two bolts GONE and another loose. The keel pin was probably 20-30 degrees from horizontal! It's a wonder he didn't lose the keel. In short, I'm a believer. These suckers (for whatever reason) have a tendency to back out. It seems to me that it wouldn't be possible to take TOO many precautions.

Thanks again Russell
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