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Endicott, NY

Boat Name: Shark B8

Model/Year: 1978 Catalina 22

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY
10/24/2005 2:50 AM Pacific Time

Has anyone out there fit their Catalina 22 with a steering wheel or has anyone out there heard of anyone doing this? I have been racing my Catalina 22 and I find that the cockpit gets cramped even with only 3 people aboard. Any help or insight into this I would appreciate.

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Hull No.

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10/25/2005 5:29 AM Pacific Time

A few days ago while hauling out Chip Ahoy for the winter, I met the owner of a Hunter 22 on the dock who'd built a pedestal and wheel into his cockpit. I questioned him at length about how he'd done it.

First, the cost of new equipment for his project was exhorbitant, so he found one in a marine salvage store for a reasonable price and modified it. He ran the control cables from the base of the pedestal, beheath the cockpit sole, up to the coaming, to the transom, and exited them there at the top, by the where the tiller attached to the rudder. He told me that he beefed them up with chain (?) beneath the cockpit, after the cables had initially frayed. The tiller on a Hunter 22 apparently has a single pin; removing it allows the tiller to be easily removed. He keeps the tiller aboard as backup, but connected the cabling to the swing-up rudder housing on either side of where the tiller connects.

It looked pretty slick to me, and he said it works beautifully.

Chip Ford --
Marblehead, Mass.
1974 Swing Keel "Chip Ahoy" #3282
Chip Ahoy website:
Dan Schafer
Traverse City, MI

Boat Name: SeaBatical

Model/Year: C22 / 1983

Hull No. 1577

Hailing Port: Grand Traverse Bay
10/25/2005 8:49 AM Pacific Time


Here's some links I think you'll find interesting:

I think it would be real neat to have a C22 set up with wheel steering..... keep us posted!
Artur Piotrowski
Burlington, Ct

Boat Name: Spirit

Model/Year: C22 1986

Hull No. 13485

Hailing Port: Bantam, Ct
10/25/2005 1:31 PM Pacific Time

Al, you hit the right spot with your idea of converting the tiller to the steering wheel. It would be great to have a wheel in the cockpit but if you really want to save space consider a different design. Approx. a year ago there was an article in PS (I can't find it anymore) about a "vertical tiller" concept/idea. Instead of having a wheel in the middle you can have this "tiller" installed on the transom (inside the cockpit) and have entire cockpit for yourself and your friends. It was made of SS, a couple of pipes going in parallel with a loop at the end. I wonder if someone has more info on it. It could be more cost efficient than converting to the wheel. Thanks.

"Spirit" #13485
Dick King
Melbourne, FL

Boat Name: Twilight Zone

Model/Year: Sport/2005

Hull No. 15546

Hailing Port: Melbourne, FL
10/26/2005 6:13 AM Pacific Time

To All Considering A Wheel - Please reconsider!!! A friend of mine had Edson wheel steering on his Catalina 22 and it was a royal pain in the a... The wheel was in the way and the moverment of the rudder was limited due to the throw of the cable mechanism. The actuator required a huge hole in the transom and the rudder attachment required a plate bolted to the rudder. If you have a kickup rudder, eight bolts through it turn it into a fixed one. Of course to remove the rudder you have to disconnect the cable attachment. Did I mention the extra weight in the aft end of the cockpit, that no Catalina 22 needs?

Give me a tiller anytime!!! If you still have a burning desire for wheel steering, I think my friend still has most of the equipment that he removed from the boat, because when he sold the boat, the buyer didn't want it.
Al Gearing
Burleson, Texas

Boat Name: Torch of Freedom

Model/Year: C-22 '76

Hull No. 6448

Hailing Port: Arlington YC
10/26/2005 6:14 AM Pacific Time

We have #14107, Irish Gale, in our yard here at Arlington YC that has a wheel. I think it was bought that way from Catalina Yachts by the PO. It is not raced. It would seem to me that the extra weight and the helmsman back there too, would put the weight too far aft to be good for racing. I always try to sit as far forward as I can, as do most others, I think.
For what it's worth,
Al Ge
John Haggis
Victoria BC

Boat Name: Windfall

Model/Year: Catalina 22 1973

Hull No. 2934

Hailing Port: Victoria BC
10/27/2005 10:36 AM Pacific Time

Give me a tiller anyday.....
Youngstown, Ohio

Boat Name: Sea Dog

Model/Year: Catalina 22 1987

Hull No. 13971

Hailing Port: Andover, Ohio
10/27/2005 7:38 PM Pacific Time

There's a C-22 on my sailing lake with a wheel. I have not talked to the guy as yet about it but for my opinion it looks like it's in the way cramping up the cockpit and is probably slower to steer than a tiller. JMHO
Endicott, NY

Boat Name: Shark B8

Model/Year: 1978 Catalina 22

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY
11/10/2005 1:53 PM Pacific Time

great insight everyone. I already have weight issues with my Cat in that I stuck a 4 stroke 8hp Honda on the back. This was a reaction to getting caught in a storm where the old 6hp 2 stroke could not overcome the turbulent water. I did not even think about racing when I bought it. It is 50 lbs heavier than the 2-stroke. Nice motor though. If I get real serious about racing I will probably replace it. As much as the steering wheel may actually help room in the cockpit, I guess I would have to say I'd rather not have more weight back there. I am a pretty big person as it is, when in the cockpit, I add a LOT of weight (300+!) Thanks God I have a thin and trim Helmsman for racing. Perhaps a diet in the offseason will help too? Thanks again for the submissions.
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