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Brian Pace
Columbus, Ohio

Boat Name:

Model/Year: 88

Hull No. 14342

Hailing Port:
05/21/2006 3:36 PM Pacific Time

What are the best racing sails these days? Least expensive and still the fastest?

Lucas, TX

Boat Name: Hummingbird

Model/Year: '72

Hull No. 1110

Hailing Port: Lake Levon, TX
05/21/2006 5:42 PM Pacific Time

Brian, Boy that is a loaded question, fast but cheap!

There are a lot of good sailmakers out there cutting racing sails for the C22. Everyone has a strong preference for their favorite loft. There are also strong regional preferences with people often selecting a local loft for better service and advice from the local sailing pro.

In my opinion you can't go too wrong with the following lofts.

Bartlett Sails Austin, TX
Gus Sails Dallas, TX
North Sails San Diego, CA
Doyle Sails
Waters Sails

I'm most familiar with Bartlett, Gus and North having personally raced with their sails on my boat. I've seen others do well with Doyle and Waters.

Bartlett cuts a very good all around genoa. He frequently gives big off season discounts. Best time to order a new sail is in Jan- Feb as that is the lofts slow time. Don't expect a discount in the summer. I'm currently racing with a full suite of Bartlett sails, Main, Genoa, Jib and Spinnaker.

Gus cuts a very good light air genoa. You'll see most of the folks from GA running Gus Sails because they sail in light air. I used to race Gus sails and changed to Bartlett for a better all around sail. If you do a lot of sailing in 0-5mph breeze Gus would be a good choice. Call Gus in Jan-Feb for the best deal. BTW, Gus is the name of Bill's dog. He used to have a slogan "Gus Sails, get a leg up on the competition".

North Sails are very good as well. They tend to be a little more expensive than the independent guys like Gus and Bartlett. Gus used to be the North loft for C22 and their designs are heavily barrowed from Gus. I think Chris Snow changed the genoa slightly making it a little flatter than Gus's orginial design. The main looks like the same design.

Doyle Sails is just getting into the C22 class. They have some nice designs but run a little flatter than most. This would be a good choice if you sail mostly in 10-15mph breeze.

Waters Sails has a strong following back East. I've met a few boats at Nationals with Waters sails that had good boat speed. No idea on price.

Good Sailing,

Pete Harper
#1110 Hummingbird
Arno Marcuse
Chandler, Az

Boat Name: Baltic Son

Model/Year: C-22 1984

Hull No. 12004

Hailing Port: Lake Pleasant
05/22/2006 7:37 AM Pacific Time

Adding to the list of good sailmakers, I'll throw in UK-Halsey. . They (Long Island loft) built me a set ( Genoa 150 + Loose Footed Main). Primary use is racing. Very competitive price. Again based on your wind environment conditions you will want to specify the build. If just crusinng gets sails that are stronger and last longer?

One feature of my UK-Halsey sails is the comments on how they look ( they sail great too.) Definate head turners.

good luck, there allot of choices for you.

Stefan Damstrom

Boat Name: Delfina sold!

Model/Year: C22mK2 / 1987

Hull No. 14306 sold :-(

Hailing Port:
05/22/2006 12:54 PM Pacific Time

Here here on Peter and Arno's nominations. I just got one of Peter's used Bartlett 150 Genoa and they do sail phenominally. I'll be trying my first race tomorrow night at Seattle (famous!) Duck Dodge. I bought the Ullman full battenend, loose footed mainsail and am seeing night and day differences in lift, point etc.

Halsey Lidgard (UK Lidgard now I guess) are sails that I sail exclusively on a J33 locally and we're #4 for the Northwest I think in large part to these sails. They are head turners but pretty common for 30 ft + boats. They do get exensive in that range but I see them less frequently on smaller one design boats except for J24's. Not sure why but they have lofts all over to order from. I have a buddy that can probably quote you from Lidgard:

Gary Stuntz
Clear Ahead Sailmakers
Agent for Lidgard Sails
206-443-4900 Seattle
253-261-7700 Tacoma
[email protected]
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