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Author Best vehicle for towing a Catalina 22 ??
Don Haisley
Hailey, Idaho

Boat Name:

Model/Year: Catalina 22 / 1974

Hull No. 3732

Hailing Port:
10/07/2006 11:40 AM Pacific Time

I recently bought a 1974 Catalina 22. The only vehicle I have for towing my boat is a Toyota Sienna minivan. I have used it for a short haul but living in the mountainous northwest, and with most of the lakes in the area requiring at least some hill climbing, I know I need to be looking for another tow vehicle. I would appreciate any and all recommendations for towing vehicles that would work for a man on a budget (ie. the cheaper the better). Although most of my sailing is on local lakes, I would likely be hauling the boat to the pacific coast for summer use.
Tim Rix
Northsalem New York

Boat Name: HMS wetdream

Model/Year: 2001 250 catalina WB

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Viking Boat yard Hudson river
10/08/2006 6:46 AM Pacific Time

With the price of gas a bit high I bet you can find a older pickup with enough power. look for the automatics and mileage under 150 ford or cheviot 1500 se aries with a six or eight. I would think you can find something like that on embay for under $ 1,000.00 dollars.Look at door pan al to look for towing recommendations I think 4000 LP should be enough.
Kevin Murphy
Carmichael, CA

Boat Name: Booyah!

Model/Year: 1973 Catalina 22

Hull No. #2526

Hailing Port: Carmichael, CA
10/09/2006 12:00 PM Pacific Time

The type of vehicle I had originally determined what my first boat was going to be - a Catalina 22. I orginally had a Ford F150 with two wheel drive and a V6 and never had a problem towing or launching./retrieving from the ramp. Obviously the grade of the ramp and how wet it is are factors but again, in all types of conditions, I never had a problem. A 4x4 helps in certain circumstances but I have never needed that option on the ramps I frequent.

I personally like trucks because it's easy to throw things into the bed (especially wet, dirty, and/or oily things which seem to accumluate during a weekend of sailing). Just keep in mind, with a V6 you are limiting your towing capacity but if you plan on keeping your C22 for a while, no worries. Also be sure that when checking the towing capacity of whichever vehicle you are looking at, you factor in the weight of all the stuff you are taking with you including people, gear, food, clothing, your outboard etc. These count against the gross towing weight.

My F150 V6 was a little better on the gas mileage than the F150 V8 I have now. I currently have the full tow package, as I did with the V6, including the additional transmission cooler. U Haul service centers sell them for around $80 and will install them so if you have to add or upgrade your hitch anyway and need professional help (like I do most of the time) you can have them take care of it. People will argue whether the transmission cooler is worth the expense but honestly, It's a small price to pay for additional protection and piece of mind, especially when you think about how much a new transmission will run you!
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Catalina Direct Discussion Topics / Catalina 22 Discussion Area / Trailers / Trailering / Best vehicle for towing a Catalina 22 ??