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Andrew Shaw
Vero Beach, FL

Boat Name: Sunny Daze

Model/Year: C-22 1971

Hull No. 851

Hailing Port: Vero Beach, FL
02/16/2004 5:21 PM Pacific Time

Im currently pondering repainting over the original 1971 paint job. I have limited experience in topside paint and am looking for any advice or tips learned along the way. My non-skid is early 80s matted style.
Noah Oden
Dana Point, CA

Boat Name: Noah's Ark

Model/Year: 1976 C22

Hull No. 6588

Hailing Port: Dana Point, CA
02/17/2004 2:16 PM Pacific Time

When I bought my boat the previous owner had painted the decks. They looked nice. Good job. The can of paint he used was among all the goodies that came with the boat. I never really looked at the paint, but thought it was some kind of boat paint. Later when I went through all the stuff I found out it was just paint from Home Depot. Juat an acrylic(?) paint. The paint still looks great after a year and a half.
Dick Reynolds
Lebanon, Oregon

Boat Name: Catnip

Model/Year: Swing Keel / 1974

Hull No. 4570

Hailing Port: Newport, Oregon
02/17/2004 11:06 PM Pacific Time

I painted my fishing boat with EASYPOXY five years ago and it's held up real well.
Lynn Buchanan
Nevada City, CA

Boat Name: SAILYNN

Model/Year: SWING 1984

Hull No. 11994

04/24/2004 9:44 PM Pacific Time

My husband Dale is repainting my 1973 boat #2431 Sailynn. On the non skid deck he is using the color "Squall Blue" from Interlux Interdeck. It has a non skid texture to the paint and goes on the non skid (waffle patterned) or can also be painted on the smooth part of the deck. He is painting the sides with Interlux Brightside Poly Urethane in the color White. Interlux has a website and telephone staff to answer any questions you might have.
Lance Anderson
Kenai, Alaska

Boat Name:

Model/Year: 1973

Hull No. 2367

Hailing Port: Kenai, Alaska
04/25/2004 11:05 AM Pacific Time

That puts yours 64 hulls after mine. I have a 73' as well. #2367. This is in Kenai, Alaska
Fajardo, PR

Boat Name: Perfect Time

Model/Year: Catalina 22' - 1971

Hull No. 474

Hailing Port:
04/18/2005 4:25 PM Pacific Time

I need some advise. I have a 1971 model and I want to replace the blue color on top deck with another color. The problem arises when the people contracted to do the job tell me that they will have to sand the non skid (waffle patterned) texture and repaint a new color with a non skid formula.

Is this correct ? I like the waffle patterned. If there is another way to do the job?

Boat Name:


Hull No.

Hailing Port: Chattahoochee Sailing Club
04/19/2005 5:15 AM Pacific Time

If you are painting over the original gelcoat, you may be able to get away with dewaxing and roughing the surface enough for paint to adhere, another trick is to use a brass wire wheel cup brush on a grinder to gently lift old flakey paint out of the nonskid.
But it is much less time consuming to sand away the old nonskid and replace it with nonskid paint or nonskid additive to your deck paint, and you can alter the pattern of the nonskid areas if you like.
Al Gearing
Burleson, Texas

Boat Name: Torch of Freedom

Model/Year: C-22/'76

Hull No. 6448

Hailing Port: Arlington YC
04/19/2005 11:10 AM Pacific Time

There is a non-skid additive that you can get that will spray on with a gun. I got mine from an aircraft supply house that deals with Awl-Grip paints from US Paint, Co. There is a new Marine Awl-Grip now but I haven't found a dealer, still have enough to do the deck so I don't have to look for a dealer yet. I think that Awl-Grip is far superior to Inter-Lux, but I understand that one bought the other, so I don't know what the products will be. Awl-Grip was designed to withstand aircraft hydraulic fluid which is very corrosive, I sure hopw that I can get more when I use up this gallon that I've had for 8-10 years, it goes a long way, a pint will be enough for 2-3 coats on the deck, (not the tread area this time).
For what it's worth, Al Ge
Jim Bailey
Hesperia, California

Boat Name: Sailing Free

Model/Year: C-22 1973

Hull No. 2371

Hailing Port: Dana Point, California
12/15/2005 10:25 AM Pacific Time

Lance Anderson you are #2367 my "Sailing Free" is hull number 2371. I am in Hesperia, California.
Greg Guenther
Belleville, IL

Boat Name: Magnificat

Model/Year: 1970

Hull No. 473

Hailing Port: Belleville, IL
12/16/2005 5:52 AM Pacific Time


I just repainted my old '71. I went to West Marine and bought their topside paint and was planning on painting the entire boat refrigerator white. It was a teal color that I couldn't stand originally and someone had burshed on a white paint on the deck, cabin and cockpit. Then they brushed a darker blue on the hull. It was flaking and looked like it had a disease. To get to the point, The marine topside paint and primer required sanding, apply a coat, let dry 12 hours, sand apply another coat, let dry 12 hours, anyway you get the point. Also, the topside paint will not work below the waterline since it is not "water proof" for below the water line. Since my boat sits on a trailer I wasn't planning on applying a bottom coat to reduce algae growth. I went an automotive paint shop and bought a high quality epoxy paint and painted the whole boat with it. I can get the details if you like. We sanded the boat, sprayed the primer, by the time that was done, it was cured enough for the first coat of paint. Anyway, we painted the entire boat in a long evening and it looks great. The only mistake I made was painting the decks and coamings with the paint. When wet they are slick, really slick. I am going to get some ground walnut shells this winter and sandblast the non-skid areas of the deck and coamings and apply a non-skid surface. I believe that using the walnut shells and relatively low pressure on my sandblaster, I can preserve the diamond pattern of the fiberglass.

You can contact me at [email protected] if you want additional details on the paint.

Good luck with your project.

greg klein
hotsprings, arkansas

Boat Name: elena

Model/Year: 1977 c27

Hull No. 3477

Hailing Port: brady mountain marina,lake ouacita
05/25/2006 9:25 PM Pacific Time

i painted the deck of my boat with glidden porch and floor oil polyurethane. i wiped the whole deck down with tsp and didnt do any sanding. this paint states on the can for boat decks and i contacted glidden and they said it would work. i have had it on now for almost 3 years and it has held up better for me than esypoxy or brightside. and it is less than 20.00 a gallon. it hasnot chipped, peeled, or faded and cleans up nicely
Linda Hoffecker
Lancaster, PA

Boat Name: t/c

Model/Year: '82 Cat 22

Hull No. t/c

Hailing Port: Havre de Grace, MD
05/25/2006 11:46 PM Pacific Time

Sounds very interesting. I am planning to paint the topside next year, and am wondering if this paint you are talking about will cover or seep into the hairline cracks or spider cracks and render them invisible?
If so, you have made my year, almost!
Jan P.
Grapevine, TX

Boat Name: Being Time

Model/Year: 1974 C22 Poptop/swing keel

Hull No. 4244

Hailing Port: Grapevine
05/27/2006 5:39 AM Pacific Time

Re: Nonskid - one other alternative to painting the nonskid is to sand and paint, then lay down something like deck tread (I think that's what it's called it might be spelled tred on the name). It's kind of like the rubbermaid shelf liner stuff, but I think it's more durable.

Bingham's Sailor's Sketchbook offers a great way of doing nonskid using model railroad ballast. He has lots of neat ideas in the book for customizing your boat.

Lynn Buchanan
Nevada City, CA

Boat Name: SAILYNN

Model/Year: SWING 1984

Hull No. 11994

05/28/2006 6:29 PM Pacific Time

As I stated in 2004, the Interlux Interdeck Squall Blue. It is emulsified with a non-skid agent that stays suspended, doesn't have a gritty feel or look worked great for our non-skid deck without sanding or grinding. Scrubed deck with tsp rinsed well, dried, masked and rolled on only one coat which filled in the spider cracks and added a non glossy (easier on eyes) no slip finish to the deck. We were going to roll on the second coat but I wanted to go sailing and it's been two years since and it still washes up, looks great and no one slides. Have over 1/2 the original quart can and will repeat the process if it becomes necessary for free (sort of). We investigated all the other alternative paints suggested and this was the easiest and best results we've seen compared to other boats for the money.
Linda Hoffecker
Lancaster, PA

Boat Name: t/c

Model/Year: '82 Cat 22

Hull No. t/c

Hailing Port: Havre de Grace, MD
05/29/2006 7:44 AM Pacific Time

Thank you, Lynn!
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