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Author Tire rateings ?????????????
Christopher Dube
Mansfield Texas

Boat Name: Gypsey Girl

Model/Year: C-22 1977

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Joe Pool Lake
03/17/2007 2:53 AM Pacific Time

I just bought a used/in good shape trailer. The wheels and tires were shot though. I went to a local Tractor store and bought what I thought were very nice heavey duty road tires. After reading another post I see that I will need tires with a much higher rating. Mine are 650 Lbs rated. However, We are planning to add another axel to create a tandem trailer 650x4= 2600 Lbs. My question is would this be enough?? If not, I will need to return the tires and get a higher load rateing.
Paul McLaughlin
Walnut Creek, CA

Boat Name: Tiare

Model/Year: C22 Swing keel, 1982

Hull No. 10890

Hailing Port: SF Bay
03/19/2007 2:33 PM Pacific Time

For a design weight, I'd use the weight of the boat plus the trailer; I figure that at around 3500# give or take a few hundred pounds (extra anchors, tool boxes, spareparts, provisions, etc can really add up). I have a single axle trailer with ST225/75D-15 tires rated at about 2500# each. In my opinion, you should stay with trailer-rated tires regardless of whether or not you add the second axle just to be on the safe side.
Jeff Struck
Fergus Falls, MN

Boat Name: Marionette

Model/Year: 1980

Hull No. CTYH9278M80B

Hailing Port: Pelican Lake, Otter Tail Co. Minn.
12/02/2013 2:55 PM Pacific Time

I weighed my boat, complete, at a grain elevator and it is exactly 3500 lb. Weighing the trailer separately, it came in at 700 lb. It is a two-wheel trailer so no matter how one looks at it, it is maxed out. The tires are each rated for something like 1760 lb, if I remember correctly, but the capacity is on the tire side-wall. I think the trailer really should be a tandom axel unit to be safe, and that requires quite a bit of additional investment. I also had to buy new rims and tires when I bought the boat 4th hand and I think they are 225 x 14. My first set were bias trailer tires from Carlisle and the first time I trailered any distance, I was shocked to find how hot the tires became. Fortunately, I have a camper with the same size tires only in radials. I swapped tires and wheels and now I can pull the boat and the tires do not get even warm. Note also that some states, like Minnesota, require brakes on trailers over 3000lb. I recently bought a new axle with brake flanges on it as the original didn't. I'm moving ahead... slowly to improving the safety of the trailer. So far so good.
Hope this helps.
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Catalina Direct Discussion Topics / Catalina 22 Discussion Area / Trailers / Trailering / Tire rateings ?????????????