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Author spider cracked hull
Brian Connelly
Snowmass Village,CO


Model/Year: 1976 22 Catalina

Hull No. ?

Hailing Port: Aspen CO
02/21/2004 11:34 PM Pacific Time

Whats the best product to apply ,and what are the instructions to correct this problem? thanks BC
Michael Smalter
Webster, NY

Boat Name: Marrakesh

Model/Year: 1986

Hull No. 13645

Hailing Port: Rochester, NY
02/22/2004 5:27 AM Pacific Time

Brian, if you just want to prevent water from getting into the cracks, there is a product called "Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure" which wicks into the crack and seals it. Make sure you wipe up excess on the surface, as it yellow slightly. It you want to eliminate the cracks, I believe you need to gring them down and apply new gel coat.
John Illges
Columbus, GA

Boat Name: NA

Model/Year: C-22/1972

Hull No. 878

Hailing Port: Lake Harding - GA
03/02/2005 10:58 AM Pacific Time

I just finished sanding the entire bottom of my 22 with a Random Orbital Sander using 60 grit pads. My 22 is a 1970 mod and there are plenty of spider cracks over the entire bottom of the hull.

Here is how I am handling this issue:

1. After sanding entire bottom, I have washed her with soap and water. Then, I wiped her clean with Interlux Fiberglass solvent.

2. Using epoxy rollers, I am applying 3 "barrier" coats with VC Performance Epoxy.

3. Once dry, I will sand with 220-grit using a hand block sander to prep for application of VC17m Extra for antifouling protection.

4. Using 400-600 grid wet/dry sandpaper I will burnish the last coat for a smooth teflon racing finish!

Al Gearing
Burleson, Texas

Boat Name: Torch of Freedom

Model/Year: C-22 '76

Hull No. 6448

Hailing Port: Arlington YC
03/03/2005 5:22 AM Pacific Time

Shaun, if you are dry sailing/trailing as most of us here in Texas do, you should not have to use the anti-fouling paint. But I think that the spider cracks have to be ground out, at least that is what I am going to do for the fore deck/cabin front that has a lot on mine.
Al Ge
Bob Vick
Caldwell, TX

Boat Name: Over Keel

Model/Year: <1985

Hull No. 13059

Hailing Port: Lake Somerville
03/03/2005 5:46 AM Pacific Time

On my spider-cracked hull, that appeared to have been beaten with a chain, I removed most of the gel coat, since spot removal would have looked appaloosa. To make sure the hull is dry enough to reseal, take clear plastic wrap & tape seal it to the hulls cracked area. If there is too much moisture in the fiberglass, the plastic wrap will trap the moisture & let you know to her dry a few more days/weeks. Fiberglass absorbs water, I believe my boat was frozen in the ice up north, the PO just recoated, thus my blisters at the water line. _B

PS I put a few space heaters in and around the boat with fans to speed up the drying even though it was in the 80’s.
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