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Hull No.

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02/27/2004 8:39 AM Pacific Time

I know that there has been talk in the
past of whether or not one could sail a
22 ft boat in an ocean crossing. Check
out this link that I found while surfing
a cruising ring.
Talk about no fear!
Washington DC

Boat Name:


Hull No.

Hailing Port: Galesville (Chesapeake Bay)
06/06/2004 11:30 AM Pacific Time

I would never try an ocean crossing in a C22. First of all I don't know if the hull can take being tossed around that much. Also the mast is not stepped into the deck and the rigging is too light. I heard somewhere that the C22 shouldn't be sailed in more than 25 knots of wind. I dont know about that but you would find wind much stronger than that in the ocean of course.

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06/07/2004 6:15 PM Pacific Time

Looking to sail across Monterey Bay this summer. Will pick a long weekend of less fog, swell and wind. Has anyone done it in a 22? Sailed to Moss Landing last summer with no problem.

Thanks in advance,
Frank Nin
Grass Valley, CA

Boat Name: Hola!

Model/Year: C-22, Wing, 2000

Hull No. 15464

Hailing Port: Grass Valley, CA
06/07/2004 11:24 PM Pacific Time

Did you guys read the story in the Latitude 38 about a guy that sailed to alaska and back to SF bayon a west wright potter 19? Interesting... Same guy that sailed from SF bay to Hawaii in his potter 19...
Alan Chillers
Cocoa Beach

Boat Name: Lo" Key

Model/Year: 22 catalina/1984

Hull No. 12227

Hailing Port: Space Coast
06/08/2004 4:51 PM Pacific Time

sounds like he likes to live on the edge/dangerous or got some very,very easy sea waves,and wind conditions,quite a venture for a small vessel of that type,maybe im too respectful of ol" mother sea...............
Dick Reynolds
Lebanon, Oregon

Boat Name: Catnip

Model/Year: Swing Keel / 1974

Hull No. 4570

Hailing Port: Newport, Oregon
06/08/2004 10:09 PM Pacific Time

He must have a death wish. I've never sailed against a slower boat than a WWP.
Russ Milham
Lake Forest Park, WA

Boat Name: Griot

Model/Year: C-22 1981

Hull No. CTYH0492M811

Hailing Port: Kenmore Air Harbor
06/08/2004 11:54 PM Pacific Time

This may be drifting a bit OT, but I can't resist sharing this snippet that I found on the Coronado 25 forum:

"We, my wife, daughter, sheltie dog, a cat and I lived aboard our Coronado 25 for nearly 4 (four!!!) years in the very rainy area of Crescent City, California. I am 6' 3" and 285 lbs., my wife (fortunately) is a 4'11", 90 lbs. Filipina. Our sleeping arraignment was; my wife and I slept in the large V-berth, our then 10 year old daughter slept in the very large quarter berth with "Moody" the cat and "Jaws" the dog under the salon table. We loved living on our little ship! We bought her as our first boat, but can't seem to part with her. We more recently purchased a larger yacht (Fuji 35) but have sold it in hopes of buying a catamaran for world cruising. During the time we lived on our C 25 she never leaked a drop and we had sat through many a 50 to over 70 kts gale. We even toyed with the idea of sailing her around the world, but realized it would be too cramped, what with provisions and all (and a recent new son). Still, she is a virtuous boat and having sailed her in all kind s of weather, I believe she could do the job. I have heard of others that have sailed C 25's to at least Polynesia […] Funny how these little ships grow on ya."
Al Gearing
Burleson, Texas

Boat Name: Torch of Freedom

Model/Year: C-22 '76

Hull No. 6448

Hailing Port: Arlington YC
06/09/2004 7:31 AM Pacific Time

I just finished reading 'My Old Man and the Sea' about this father and son who went around Cape Horn in 22' boat. Of course it was much deeper and more seaworthy than a Cat22. I think that one could weather most of the storms and seas in a Cat22 if they use common sense when things start getting rough and windy. When racing of course I drive it to the hilt, but if I were cruiseing and it got rough I would have the sails reduced to a double reef on the main, which is not what we have for racing sails, and use storm jib, about 50%. When things get bad, it is a good idea to set a course on a beam wind on starboard tack in the northern hemishere and port in southern, due to the normal ratation of hurricane winds. It doesn't matter were you go as long as you're still afloat after the storm. For what it's worth to you young folks looking for adventure, I think it is a great thing to do, I've had some thrills racing, where no one would think of really shortening sail any more than necessary to keep driving on the wind if that was the shortest way home. Go for it! Hopfully you will get some really great winds to talk about for years to come.
Al Ge
B.C Canada.

Boat Name: Mirandas Fantasy

Model/Year: 1979 ?

Hull No. 7112

Hailing Port: Shuswap lake
06/27/2006 9:32 PM Pacific Time

From time to time I dream about sailing my Catalina 22 from Vancouver B.C to Hawaii,Has anybody out there made such a journey,I am looking for a crew.
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