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Technical Articles
Sail Care and Maintenance
Catalina 30 Heads'ls
Catalina 30 Mains'ls
Catalina 30 Spinnakers
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Sail Track Stop Flat

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Book "Best Of Sail Trim"

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Cruising Spinnaker Retractable Bowsprit Kit C-27, C-270, C-28, C-30, C-309, C-310, C-320, C-385

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Mains'l Cover Insignia C-30

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Sail Repair Tape

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Sail Slide Flat 7/8"

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Sail Track Slide System

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Sail Track Slide System Measuring Gauge

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Shackle, Captive Key Pin, 5/16” Pin

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Shackle, Captive Pin, 5/16" Pin: Halyard and Outhaul

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Shackle, Snap, 5/16" Pin: C-27, C-30 Jib Tack

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Spinnaker Box Bag C-25, C-250, C-27, C-30, C-320

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Spinnaker Sleeve, by the Foot

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Spinnaker Tacker
Boats to 33'

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Spinnaker Turtle CP-26, C-27, C-30

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U-Stack Mains'l Self Stowing System, C-30