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Exhaust Flap Assembly

Exhaust Flap Assembly

Part #: K1426

Price: $42.50

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This stainless steel assembly has been used to combine the exhaust through hull and flap functions. Fits all current inboard engine equipped boats which use a 1-5/8" diameter exhaust hose.

This is a nice retrofit for early boats which used a plastic through hull fitting and a piece of rubber flap over the port. The rubber flaps have long ago disappeared. This leaves the engine exposed to water intrusion into the cylinders in a following sea.

Boats that had 1-5/8" diameter exhaust hose and fittings with the rubber flap configuration:
  • Catalina 25
  • Catalina 27
  • Catalina 30
  • Catalina 34 (early)
  • Catalina 36 (early)
  • Catalina 38

    Installation is from the outside of the boat using the three screw holes provided. You may still have to stand on your head in order to re-clamp the exhaust hose to the tube. Requires 3 #FAS549 mounting screws for installation. See "May we also suggest:" below for the screws, hose clamps and exhaust hose.

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