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Engine Instrument Oil Pressure Gauge

Engine Instrument Oil Pressure Gauge

Part #: T2023

Price: $46.00

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Some owners, with the knowledge that they have a voltmeter at their main electrical panel, decide to replace the voltmeter at the engine panel with an oil pressure gauge. This gauge matches your other instruments and provides information about your engine that isn't available elsewhere. You will need an oil pressure sender to match. See the products related below under "May we also suggest".

  • Automotive type "light piping" eliminates the "halo" effect around the edge of the dial that reduces readability
  • Fog resistant design reduces fogging without the expense of a gas filled instrument at over $100.00 each
  • Scratch resistant domed glass lens
  • Nominal size: 2" diameter
  • 2-3/8" diameter bezel
  • 2.1" diameter cutout

    Important notes:
    1) If this gauge is being used on a Yanmar engine, it willl likely be necessary to replace the engine's oip pressure sender with our #T2024 sender. It has metric threads that match the Yanmar engine but works on the impedance required for American instruments.

    2) Some customers report that, when installed in a newer boat with a Yanmar engine, there appears to be something in the circuitry between the sender and the panel that interprets the variable resistance of the sender and creates an on-off signal for the warning buzzer. If your panel originally had a buzzer with no oil pressure gauge, simply hooking the same wire to a new gauge may not work. Some customers have solved this problem by running a separate wire directly from the sender to the instrument.

    Owners reporting these details undoubtedly were not diesel mechanics and neither are we! You may want to check with your mechanic before starting this installation.

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    Engine Instrument Technical Information

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