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Plastic Hatch CP-14.2, CPE-14.2, CP-16.5 '05->

Plastic Hatch CP-14.2, CPE-14.2, CP-16.5 '05->

Part #: J8028

Price: $99.99

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Plastic hatch cover with 2 folding handled dogs. The lid of this hatch covers the entire deck flange. When the the lid is closed the deck flange is not visible.

  • Net Inside Opening 11-1/16" X 20-1/16"
  • Cutout: 12-1/8" X 21-1/8"
  • Outside Dimension: 14-3/16" X 23"

  • Gray is no longer available from the manufacturer. This hatch is Stark White in color.

    1) Although Catalina's records show they began using this hatch in 2005 we suggest you measure your hatch to confirm that this is the correct hatch for your boat.

    2) This is an oversize item which does not conform to our standard shipping policies. Call 800/959-SAIL for a shipping estimate.

    3) A 50% deposit will be billed when your order for this special order item is accepted. The balance will be billed when the product ships.

    4) When you order a special order item it sets off a chain of events like Willie Wonka in the chocolate factory. Once you turn the valve the chocolate is coming down the pipe. If you then decide you want caramel, the chocolate is still going to come out of the pipe. We can't put the Chocolate back in the pipe, so someone is going to have to eat it, and it's not going to be us! Your order can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into caramel, so please order carefully the first time!

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