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Emergency Tiller Kit, C-445, (+ Late C-350, C-375, C-400, C-42) w/ 3/8Garage Sale!" class="listingimg" />

Emergency Tiller Kit, C-445, (+ Late C-350, C-375, C-400, C-42) w/ 3/8" Retainer Bolt
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Part #: Z3960

Price: $179.95

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The emergency tiller provides a means by which your boat can be steered in the event of a wheel steering system failure. It is a critical safety item aboard your boat.

This emergency tiller kit for boats that have double walled rudder, resulting in a smaller inside diameter of approximately 1-15/16" with a 3/8" diameter retaining bolt. If your boat uses a larger 1/2" retainer bolt, see our universal kit, pt Z3487.

Known uses (boats with double wall rudder shaft)
  • Catalina 350 2008 and later
  • Catalina 375 2008 and later
  • Catalina 400 2008 and later
  • Catalina 42 2008 and later
  • Catalina 445
  • Any replacement rudder built with double wall construction

  • 32" or 35" stainless steel vertical rudder shaft extension
  • Emergency tiller with grip, clevis pin & cotter ring, bolt and nylock nut for proper attachment to rudder shaft extension. (30" long from bend)
  • Bag, heavy duty, with draw string

    1) Always verify the inside diameter of your rudder post. This kit is for a rudder shaft with an inner diameter of approximately 1-15/16". If the inside diameter is about 2-5/16" see part #Z3486 listed below under "May we also suggest:".

    2) OEM rudder posts are filled with foam that is then ground out or drilled out to make room for the emergency tiller. The shafts in this kit require ~ 3" of clearance below the retainer bolt.

    3) This is an oversize item which does not conform to our standard shipping policies. Call 800/959-SAIL for a shipping estimate.

    4) Test fit this to your boat immediately upon receipt so that you'll know for certain that this is configured correctly. The first time you need it would be a most unfortunate time to discover that it needs to be modified to work properly!

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