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Door Stop w/ Catch Cushioned SS

Part #: Z4065

Price: $36.40

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This stainless steel door latch holds an interior cabinet door open. It is much more convenient than a typical hook and eye as you simply open the door fully against the stop and the catch snaps in place. One hand releases the catch.

  • Length (B): 2-1/2"
  • Diameter of mounting pad (A): 2"
  • Catch plate height (D): 1-7/8"
  • Catch plate depth (C): 7/8"

    Used aboard:
  • Catalina 385
  • Catalina 425
  • Catalina 445
  • Catalina 470 and probably more...

    Important notes:
    1) We do not have a record of every Catalina model that used this part. There are certainly other models that use it. Please compare the dimensions before ordering to ensure a proper fit.

    2) Although this catch will work in any boat, in order to latch properly the two surfaces the parts are mounted to, the door and a bulkhead for example, must be parallel. If they are not parallel, it may be necessary to shape a small wedge for the catch plate mount on making the two parts parallel.