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West System Epoxy Large Repair Kit

Part #: Z4066

Price: $33.35

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Used anywhere a high strength repair or bonding application is found.

Kit contains:

• 8 #105 Resin (16g) / #205 Hardener (3.2g) packets
• Low-density filler for fairing (9g)
• High-density filler for bonding (4g)
• 2 Application brushes
• 1 12cc syringe
• 1 Reusable mixing stick/applicator
• 3 Pairs of disposable gloves
• 3 Mixing cups
• 15"x15" of 10oz Fiberglass reinforcing fabric
Illustrated instructions for handling and repair

We also use it to create a waterproof sleeve through fiberglass to prevent water intrusion into a core of balsa, plywood or foam. Holes through the deck for chainplate eyebolts and through foam or wood cored rudders for rudder pintles are good examples of this application.