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Shackle, Snap, 1/4" Pin: CP-22, C-22, C-25, C-27 Spinnaker Halyard & Sheet

Part #: Z1830
Snap shackles when you need to open a shackle in a snap. The photo above provides a relative size comparison to help you choose. Click one of the links in the "Other Sizes" tab to choose a different size shackle. Click "Order Now!" to purchase the part number specified for this shackle below. See "May we also suggest" at the bottom to select other types of shackles.
A snapshackle with a swivel is a must for your spinnaker halyard. There are typically 5 snap shackles on any boat equipped with a traditional spinnaker: One for the halyard, one for the topping lift on the pole, one for the pole foreguy, and one for each of the two spinnaker sheets.

For a cruising spinnaker, there must be a snap shackle for the halyard. You can save a few bucks by dedicating a set of sheets to the cruising spinnaker. Just leave them attached and you don't need the two snap shackles for the sheets. This precludes the use of light weight sheets for light air however. Since you don't use a pole with a cruising spinnaker, there is no need for shackles for a topping lift or foreguy. The tack line is typically supplied permanently attached to the tack of the sail by the sailmaker.

Uses (light to moderate winds, 0-15 Kts. For heavier winds, choose next size larger):
• Capri 22: racing spinnaker halyard, sheets
• Catalina 22: racing spinnaker halyard, sheets
• Catalina 25: racing spinnaker halyard, sheets
• Catalina 27: cruising spinnaker halyard, sheets
• Catalina 28: cruising spinnaker halyard, sheets
Specifications for this Shackle #Z1830:
• Nominal size: 1/4"
• Pin diameter (A): 6mm / 0.249"
• Max inside height (B): 26mm / 1.027"
• Max inside width (C): 17mm /0.696"
• Max line diameter (D): 11mm / 0.437" (7/16")
• Overall length (E): 71mm / 2.798"
• Breaking strength: 1700kg / 3,750 lbs
• Safe working load: 848kg / 1,870 lbs
• Safety wire hole: No
• Construction: Investment Cast
• Material: 15-5 PH instant cast stainless steel body and hasp; Type 316 stainless steel plunger pin and spring

Nominal Sizes Available (click to view):
1/4”: Z4711
• 1/4": Z1830 (the shackle sold on this page)
1/4”: Z4709
1/4”: D2088
5/16”: Z4712
5/16”: Z1831
5/16”: Z2339

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