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Exit Block for C-385 w/ Selden Mast

Part #: M9103

Price: $53.00

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Exit block (or sheave box, as Selden calls it) kit for the Catalina 385. Includes two pop rivets for installation.

Typically used as the exit block for the genoa halyard on a Selden mast on the Catalina 385.

Part marked: 505-016


  • Height: 14mm (about 0.551")
  • Width (maximum): 32mm (about 1.260")
  • Fastener spacing (center to center): 117mm (about 4.606")
  • Fastener hole diameters: 7mm (about 0.276")
  • Sheave axle pin diameter: 16mm (about 0.630")
  • Sheave outside diameter: 70mm (about 2.756")
  • Shave width: 12mm (about 0.472")
  • Cutout in mast: 93mm high x 22mm wide (about 3.661" high x 0.866" wide)

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