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Packing Extractor w/ Flexible Shaft

Part #: Z4230

Price: $16.20

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Handy tool that makes the sometimes difficult job of removing old prop shaft packing easier.

The shaft of the tool is formed like a tightly wound spring. The resulting flexibility makes it possible to reach the packing even if the coupler is close enough to the stuffing box to limit your access. A corkscrew shaped tip makes it easy to grab the old packing material.

  • Now includes a second spare tip.

    Important note:
    There are packing extractors on many web sites that are made in Asia and are therefore less expensive. Unfortunately, you don't realize until you attempt to use them that there is a problem. Either they are made to metric specifications or perhaps they are just carelessly made. In any case they don't work... We have tried. Their specifications indicate it is correct but it is simply too large to fit into the small groove in the stuffing box on thousands Catalinas built with a 1" prop shaft. We found a small American company that still makes this simple tool with the precision needed to work perfectly.

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