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Foot Switch, Windlass

Part #: Z4311

Price: $52.99

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Foot switch for windlasses used on many Catalinas. Only one switch was standard for most boats, but larger boats, with dual direction solenoids, were equipped with two switches.

Specifications & features:
  • UV stabilized water proof diaphragm
  • Rated at 150 amps maximum current for 12V and 24V applications
  • Nickel-plated copper contacts ensure corrosion-free, reliable operation
  • Includes mounting hardware

  • Diameter overall: 102mm (about 4")
  • Clearance below deck: 48mm (about 1-15/16")
  • Diameter of hole: about 62mm (about 2-7/16")
  • Fasteners: 6 on 88mm (about 3-1/2") diameter circle
  • Height of flange: about 10mm (about 3/8")
  • Height overall: about 16.5mm (about 5/8")

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