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Part #: Z4624

Price: $14.99

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This multi tool is perfect for either the racer or cruiser as it has something that everyone could use. The tool comes with an adhesive storage device, and makes the perfect gift for any sailor in your life.

• Canvas Snap Tool (makes snapping and unsnapping corroded snaps a snap!)
• Screw Driver (both Phillips and flathead)
• Deck Plate Key (fits most deck pipe caps)
• Hex Nut Wrench (5/16"3/8"7/16" and 1/2" )
• Pin Shackle Key (tighten and loosen pins on stainless or galvanized shackles)
• Cutting Tool (emergency use)
• Zipper Pull (stiff, sticky or salt water corroded zippers)
• Scraper (removes labels, tape and even dry paint)
• Bottle Opener (We are sailors after all)

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