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WheelStick Telescoping Steering Control Arm

Part #: Z4561

Price: $127.96

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Our WheelStick telescoping steering control works just like a hiking stick or tiller extension on a dinghy. It extends your functional reach when behind the wheel. Great for minor course corrections when motoring or easy sailing, the Wheel Stick allows the helmsman to move away from the wheel and still control the steering. Includes stainless steel wheel rim clamp with hex head fastener and twist lock telescoping control arm with quick release feature.

This extended range of movement has two specific benefits. First, it enhances safety by allowing the helmsman to move outboard to the rail, increasing their forward line of sight. This is especially helpful when trying to see around large heads'ls. Second, it allows for a number of new sitting positions for additional comfort. On many boats this means the helmsman can now safely relax on the stern rail seat.

Our Catalina Direct kit includes storage clips and fasteners to store conveniently at hand. Mount the clips under a nearby hatch to create a convenient storage spot. When it is time to use the tiller stick, just unclip it from the hatch and snap the quick release into wheel rim clamp.

• Telescopes from 27" to 48"
• Quick pin diameter: 5/16"
• Clamp fits 7/8" to 1" wheel rim

Twist to release and extend the arm, twist again to tighten. Install or remove the steering arm from the rim clamp by fully depressing pin. Remove the Steering Control Arm from the wheel clamp when not in use.

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