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Keel Hanger Casting Kit C-22

Keel Hanger Casting Kit C-22

Part #: D1191

Price: $126.89

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Includes new bronze hanger castings, new pivot pin, and new bolts and lock washers. Also a new formula LocTite which no longer requires a primer when both mating surfaces are stainless steel.

This kit is installed to eliminate excess space between the keel and the original castings that was present when the boat was originally built. They are wider than the original i.e. they extend farther inboard. When installed the keel can no longer slide from side to side, eliminating the keel clunk and excess wear so common in early boats.

It is imperative that our keel centering spacer kit be installed in addition to eliminate the excess space between the keel and the trunk at the top of the keel.

Note: Consult your Catalina Direct Owner's Handbook pages 3.19 through 3.21 and the article below under "Read More" for additional details and important installation tips.

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Keel Casting Retrofit Eliminates Wear

Eliminate the problem so you don't have to repair the symptom again.

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