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Deck Pipe Cap Waste

Deck Pipe Cap Waste

Part #: Z1873

Price: $20.60

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Replacement caps for your original deck pipes. If the caps on your boat completely cover the bronze deck pipe flange and use the winch handle has the wrench, these are the correct replacements.

You will notice that they are now color coded in addition to the English (and Swedish) labels on the original black caps. Blue is water, black waste, and red for fuel making it much harder to fill your Diesel tank with water. Having almost made that mistake more than once, I'd be tempted to replace the current (all black) caps just for safety sake!

Threaded portions of cap that threads into pipe is 1-13/16" OD, overall width is 3-3/8" OD.

1) Waste caps are supplied without a chain. The Cap must be completely removed from the pipe to facilitate a proper seal when pumping out the tank. Price is for a single cap only... No deck pipe or key.

2) Due to differences in thread pitch on various deck pipes, this cap is not interchangeable with other designs. It is only intended as a replacement for the same design.

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