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Catalina Direct Sails by Ullman

There are two common sources of sails for your Catalina. Custom sails are beautiful and fast but expensive. Generic imported sails are inexpensive but the quality is often disappointing.

When a sail's primary appeal is it's low price, it is cheap for good reason. Cloth quality can be inconsistent and you wonder if the shape was designed by a sailor let alone a sailmaker. Usually the sail "fits" your Catalina but was not made specifically for it, sacrificing sail area and performance.

Through a special arrangement with Ullman Sails, we have created the best of both worlds. Dimension Polyant and Contender sail cloth is shipped directly to the loft for consistant quality. Then we combine decades of sailmaking experience and the latest technology to insure a beautiful, fast shape.

Our master sailmaker at Ullman Sails creates the sail's shape here in California. Then we send the design via modem directly to the plotter at the loft. The plotter cuts the sail to our shape and skilled craftsmen complete the sail with the attention to detail they are famous for.

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Fast is Beautiful...
Beautiful is Fast!