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Technical Support Line

Have a technical question about your Catalina? Call us at Catalina Direct tech Support. Our staff has extensive experience both racing and cruising.

Our Experience

We have delivered a wide variety of Catalinas since 1971. We delivered some of the first Catalina 27's built as well as some of the latest. We purchased one of the original Catalina 22's and have delivered some of the newest. We have had the pleasure of delivering many larger Catalina Yachts over the years as well. Being the local source of parts, service and advice for hundreds of Catalinas has given us an opportunity to acquire a storehouse of information through hands on experience with the boats. It also means that, in the event that we don't know the answer to your question, we probably have a personal friend in the factory or amongst the many vendors that Catalina employs.

You know how we can afford to provide all of this free advice... By being your first choice of suppliers for all of your Catalina's needs.

Technical support line: 916/843-1971
Please have the year and hull number of your boat available.

Technical support hours: Tuesday through Friday - 10:00 to 5:00 Pacific time