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Canada brokerage 1
Canada Customs requires Canadian recipients to pay applicable duties and taxes on each shipment entering Canada. These charges may include PST, GST, HST, duties and other taxes of goods (e.g. excise tax). A brokerage fee is also charged to process shipments and present the requisite customs paperwork to Canada Customs on the importer’s behalf. 
Your order will be shipped under UPS’s e-Tailer Brokerage Program (eBP), where eligible shipments imported into Canada are subject to applicable duties & taxes as well as an average of $10 flat brokerage fee ($4 USD entry prep fee + $6 CAD bond fee on ground shipments; $10 CAD bond fee on air shipments) for shipments valued below $200 CAD. Additional fees will apply on shipments over this value. Shipments valued at $200 CAD and above and/or being imported to Canada for commercial purposes and/or subject to specialized clearance may incur additional fees.
Please, be aware that UPS will request payment of these charges at the time of delivery. You may pay these charges in advance to avoid the necessity of paying upon delivery. Here's how:
Track your package using the tracking number e-mailed to you from UPS Quantum View. Watch for the release of your package from customs. Only after the package is released, will UPS know the Canadian government charges. Call 1-888-520-9090 to pay all charges in advance, eliminating the need for payment on delivery.
UPS accepts payment via any major credit card. They do not accept debit cards.