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Aluminum Window Reseal Kit C-22, CP-25

Part #: D2130
Includes everything you need to reseal those leaky windows on your Catalina 22 or Capri 25 equipped with aluminum frames.
• 25 feet of extruded "U" shaped vinyl glazing channel fits between the the original 3/16" thick glazing and the aluminum frame
• 25 feet of extruded vinyl window molding for the frame inside the boat
• A UV inhibitor is mixed into the plastic before extruding for longer life.
• A 10.5 oz. cartridge of gray of silicone sealant used to seal the glass to the frame
• This silicone is a special high strength industrial sealant developed to install glass curtain walls in high-rise buildings
• A cartridge of white polyurethane sealant used to bed the frame to the boat.
• Masking tape for use on every surface where you don't want sealant when the job is done
• Installation instructions

Kit reseals all four fixed windows on all Catalina 22's with aluminum framed windows.
1) Once every couple of years a customer reports that their window frame has only one seam. This makes refurbishing the windows more challenging as it is more difficult to to get the glazing in and out of the frame. We suspect that, on occasion, Catalina's primary window vendor was not able to keep up with demand and Catalina was forced to purchase a few windows from a secondary vendor. Some of these owners report success after soliciting additional hands to assist. Others give up and take it to their local boat yard. Only you can assess your ability to complete the project successfully.

2) Some Pearson owners report their boats use the same aluminum extrusion for their windows. They report success repairing their windows with our kits. However, we do not have extensive knowledge of Pearson's production. We cannot guarantee our kits will fit your frames. See the additional picture below for more information. All sales are final to non Catalina owners!