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Keel Winch C-25

Part #: E1898
This winch is used to lift the keel by means of the keel cable. It has a superior zinc plated finish to prevent rust compared to the original painted winch. It has an oversized drum to prevent damage to the cable caused by tightening the cable on a small drum. It has a clutch mechanism to prevent the keel from falling if you let go of the handle while cranking.
1) Due to the size and weight of this item, a flat rate charge of $29.00 for it to be delivered to your front door will be added at check out. This charge does not cover shipping for other items which may be on the same order which will be based on the standard shipping rate table.

2) Never use a trailer winch to replace a keel winch. They lack the safety of the clutch mechanism and can cause serious injury. Customers report boats totaled by their insurance company because of damage caused by a falling keel due to keel winch failure.

3) Never attempt to use the winch without a proper handle installed. Without the inertia of a properly installed handle and your ability to follow the keel down, the force necessary to cause the internal clutch to engage is not present. This could allow the keel to free-fall causing significant damage to the keel trunk.

4) Notice the handle pictured below labeled "Keel Winch Handle C-25". The cylinder included with handle
is not included with the winch. If you cannot remove the old cylinder from the input shaft of the old winch, you must order a new handle.

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How the System Works
Why doesn't the winch ratchet on the way down?

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