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Masthead Complete Standard
Rig C-25, C-250

Masthead Complete Standard Rig C-25, C-250

Part #: E1272

Price: $207.97

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For Catalina 25 standard rig and all Catalina 250s prior to hull number 884, as well as some Catalina 250s built after hull number 884. In 2006, Catalina shipped their remaining mast extrusion inventory to Florida, and the number of boats built with the old extrusion are unknown. Please check your masthead carefully to verify compatibility. Includes two internal halyard sheaves for line. Ball bearing sheaves are available. See "May we also suggest:" below.

Early boats had four sheaves for wire and a fore and aft divider plate. If you are still using wire halyards, order the divider plate and wire sheaves separately.

The dimensions of the portion of the casting that slides into the extrusion are as follows:
  • Fore-to-aft length: 4"
  • Width: 2-11/16"

    Outside dimensions of mast extrusion this masthead is intended to fit:
  • Width: 3"
  • Fore and aft: 4-1/2"

  •
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    Marelube Anti-Corrosion Gel

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