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Standing Rigging Kit
C-22 <-85

Part #: D1965

Price: $473.77

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Includes open body chrome bronze turnbuckles and forged T-bolts with toggles. The bottom end of all wires terminate in a roll swaged threaded stud which provides a clean transition into the turnbuckle. All wire is highly corrosion resistant type 316 stainless steel, an upgrade from the original type 304 stainless supplied with the boat. Forestay, fore and aft lowers and upper shrouds are included. Even new cotter pins and SeaLube turnbuckle lubricant are included.

Note: You must choose an appropriate backstay from the choices below to completely renew your standing rigging. You may need a simple single backstay or you might want an adjustable backstay. Both are offered below. Use the turnbuckle lubricant to prevent thread galling.

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