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Mast Boot C-42 NG-80 Isomat

Mast Boot C-42 NG-80 Isomat Spar

Part #: T1934

Price: $90.78

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This Catalina 42 mast boot fits a spar that has a mast track for a spinnaker car extruded onto the forward face of the mast. Later boats' spars did not have this feature and require a different mast boot.

This boot can only be installed while stepping the mast.

  • Circumference top (at mast): ~22"
  • Circumference bottom (at collar): ~32-1/2"
  • Height (relaxed, measured vertically): ~3.5"
  • Height (stretched out, measured along rubber): ~4"

    Maintenance: To clean use a good detergent, acetone or denatured alcohol. For stubborn stains use MEK solvent. The above cleaning should be followed by a vinyl cleaner like Meguires Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner. After restoration or when installing a new boot, apply a coating of Meguires PolyProtect and Vinyl Conditioner or ArmorAll to improve resistance to staining and dirt accumulation and assist in prolonging the life of the plastic.

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