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Masthead Complete - Flat Mast C-22

Masthead Complete - Flat Mast C-22

Part #: D2246

Price: $199.93

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Masthead truck casting only for later, flat sided masts used on the Catalina 22. This masthead comes with 2 sheaves that are used for internal halyards. If you want to upgrade to external halyards please see the other two options, either 4 of D1885 if your external halyards are all line or 4 of D1214 if your halyards are wire and you will need a masthead divider plate D1921.

Dimensions of portion of the casting that slides into the mast extrusion:
  • Maximum width: Approximately 2-1/2" (2.530")
  • Length fore and aft: Approximately 3-3/4"

    Outside dimensions of mast extrusion this masthead is intended to fit:
  • Width: 2-3/4"
  • Length fore and aft: 4"

    Note: Flat sided masts were original equipment on boats built after 1979. Check your mast carefully before ordering to confirm you have the flat sided mast.

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