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Lifeline Standard Kit<br> C-22, CP-18, CP-22

Lifeline Standard Kit
C-22, CP-18, CP-22

Part #: D2071

Price: $259.43

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Since early Catalina 22's were not equipped with lifelines, class rules don't require them. But most racing classes in our size range do. And we know from personal experience lifelines are a must for a family with children aboard. This kit fits the Catalina 22, Capri 18, and the Capri 22.

We make it easy to add lifelines to an early boat or replace your existing lifelines. We use only type 316 corrosion resistant stainless wire (not the usual type 304) vinyl coated to 5/16".

The wire diameter is 3/16".

This standard kit includes a continuous lifeline from bow to stern. A pelican hook at your stern pulpit makes it easy to board. A turnbuckle is provided forward to accommodate stretch in the wire over time.

This set of two complete lifelines also includes the tools needed for installation. Trim the wire to length with the included stainless cable cutters. Install the last end fitting on each wire. The installation tool, used before by the owners like yourself, may be returned for a refund.

Note: The length of this item is based on the original factory specifications. However, the previous owner, like Captain Jack Sparrow, may have had an entirely different idea about how to rig a boat! Please confirm this is the correct length for your particular boat. We cut it from a long length and can't splice it back together again. Your order cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged, but, like Jack, you may have a different idea of what you can use it for!

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